I haven't died!

No really, I swear I haven't. I've just been REALLY busy.

First, I want to tell you about the two wonderful designers that I CT for that I'm also happy to call friends. They share a CT, and have recently had some members resign because of other commitments. They are looking for some new CT members.

Tiffany and Jaya are fabulous designers. They really take care of their CT members, they almost always have new products coming out, and they're extremely flexible with requirements. They have wonderful product and I almost never have a problem finding something to work with. I've been on Tiffany's CT for over 6 months and was there when Jaya and her team came along and everyone has been wonderful!

If you're interested, please email Tiffany at tiffikat@gmail.com with a short bio and a link to your gallery - she or Jaya will get back to you within 24 hours. You will not regret it!

Speaking of Jaya and Tiff, I will give you a little peek at some of the product they have to offer by showing you some of their new product!

These is only two packs out of four from Jaya of JayaPrem's Hangout, and these are part of Surf's Up Color Play at Scrapable. A few designers got together with one color scheme, and created seperate packs of papers, elements, and some various goodies, and they're selling each pack for only $1. That is a fabulous deal and for only a few dollars you can make your own kit with only the elements and papers you want! But hurry, this offer is only good for a couple more days, so get on over to Scrapable and check it out!

Tiffany has also participated in the Surf's Up Color Play, and here's a sampling of what she has to offer (more available than pictured also):
Remember, each of those pieces are just $1 for only a couple more days, and they are all the same color scheme so they will all match. Head on over to Scrapable's Surf's Up Color Play section to check out what all the designers have to offer!

I'll be back later to edit this post with some details to a little contest I'm having, and little "sneak peek" to some news I'll have on November 1st!


New Releases and CU Freebie!

I have some new releases this weekend!

BOO! What a joy Halloween is. All the costumes, candy, smiling kids, and scary movies. Now you can scrap all those joyful Halloween pictures with this new kit by Pixiemama Designs - Treat Night. Treat Night includes 15 Papers, and 34 Elements to get in the Halloween spirit. The papers and grunged up, torn and worn, and the elements are doodly, cute and even sometimes spooky to help you get in the Halloween spirit. Treat Night includes:

- 12 Highly-Textured Papers

- 3 Worn, Torn Papers
- 2 Doodled Borders
- 1 Crescent Moon

- 1 Full Moon
- 1 Eerie Cloud
- 1 Doodled Circle Frame

- 1 Doodled Square Frame with Spider

- 1 Spooky Acrylic Ghost
- 4 Glitter Splatters (Recolored)
- 1 Creepy Lit-Up Haunted House (includes shadow and no-sha
dow versions)
- 2 Spooky Pairs of Eyes (Both Unique)

- 10 Word Labels (Trick or Treat, Jack O'Lantern, Candy, October 31, Creepy, Boo, Costume, Halloween, Scary, and Spooky)

- 1 Bolt of Lightning (includes shadow and no-shado
w versions)
- 1 Foam Pumpkin

- 1
Foam Skull and Crossbones
- 1 Spider with Web

- 1 Creepy Tree (includes shadow and no-shadow versions)
- 1 Acrylic Star Scatter

You can find Treat Night at both of my stores, for only $5!

You can also purchase an alpha pack and a set of CU glitter styles.

Purchase the alpha at either of my stores for only $2!

Purchase the set of 9 CU Glitter Styles at either of my stores for only $5!

Or...you can bundle and save!

The Treat Night Bundle includes all the elements, the papers, 2 acrylic alphas and the CU glitter styles for the low price of $7. Seperately the pieces would total $12 so you save $5 when you bundle...that's like getting the kit for free!

Also...I have some Halloween CU items released this weekend!

Add a little Halloween flair to your layouts or designs with these Halloween doodles. Included are 8 .png doodles, easy to edit, commercial use okay. You can recolor, apply styles, or anything you can dream up.

Doodles include:

- Eerie Cloud
- Crescent Moon
- Googly Eyes
- Full Moon with Cloud Cover and Stars
- Pumpkin
- Skull
- Skull and Crossbones
- Test Tube with Bubbles

Add a little Halloween flair to your layouts or designs with these Halloween layered templates. Included are 3 .psd files, 12x12, easy to edit, commercial use okay. Also included are .png files and .tiff files for each template, for other programs or different looks. Includes tons of layers so you can make each stripe, circle or word any color of the rainbow - fully customizable!

Please note - sampler papers are for preview only and are NOT included in download.

I've been a very busy bee this week! I will also have a new release NEXT weekend, AND a beautiful, gorgeous blog train at the same time. A few of my designer friends and I have put together a couple of mini kits, a paper pack, an alpha and my part which is actually more of a full kit than anything lol - complete with an alpha and glitter styles. We should also have some QPs and other goodies - all for free! We are recognizing Breast Cancer Awareness with this blog train so be sure to bookmark or follow the blog so you don't miss it!

For tonight, I have a sampler freebie from my Halloween doodles pack for you. This didn't make it into the full pack because it wasn't as detailed as I would have liked, but this was my first attempt at doodles so I'm sure there are some of you out there who can use it. You may notice it from the Treat Night kit, it's a very fun, spooky haunted house. This can be used for commercial use, just make sure to read my TOU included in the download. Hope you enjoy and make sure to come back for the blog train and the new release on Friday!

Image is linked to download!



Well hello everyone! Hope you're having a fabulous morning, evening, or night - whatever it is in your neck of the woods. Here it's 4AM and I'm delirious with exhaustion but I can't seem to pull myself away LOL.

I don't know if in my last post I gave any specific dates for any releases, but if I did I apologize for not making them. I've been in a bad slump the past few days. For a couple of days I threw in the towel and said...forget it! I quit! I almost considered giving up designing altogether. I gave myself a couple of days break - and sure enough, it did me good.

I've come to a decision, and it may be a bad one for business but it is something I have to do.

I have noticed that since I started designing, my TMJ flares up quite a bit more. It's flaring up a little on me tonight. Maybe exhaustion, who knows lol. Anyway, my TMJ really bothers me and when I have a flare-up it's almost impossible to do anything. It's impossible to work, take care of my son, I struggled with cooking supper tonight - at least without going off the deep end. It's becoming increasingly difficult to get rid of these flare-ups with pain medicine, and they are coming more often - since my last trip to the doctor in fact, I've had pain almost non-stop. I have short day-long breaks in between - but it seems like the past 3 or 4 weeks has just been non-stop pain and flare-ups. I have to take pain medicine for this. I've been on several different medicines. I was first on Ibuprofen, a large dose, and that stopped working. They upped the dose, and it stopped working again. Needless to say, now I'm on Darvocets. I don't like it, I especially don't like having to depend on heavy medicines to live my daily life, but if I don't I suffer so I'd rather be on medicines my whole life than have to suffer. And until I can afford to get in to see an orthodontist, or whoever it is I need to see for this, that is the only choice I have.

I believe that designing could be one of the culprits. Stress is a major cause of tension for me, and TMJ is all about the tension because it's in the joints. I get stressed when I don't think I'll make deadlines, or when I haven't put out any new product. The creation stresses me out too. I'm always my own worst critic on my kits. Anyway...I've decided that in addition to cutting as much stress as possible out of my life, getting back on the WiiFit to start doing some yoga (it seemed my pain was almost non-existent when I was doing yoga exercises), seriously changing my diet, I also must cut my designing time down. I will only be doing designing part-time. This will unfortunately mean less new products from me - at least I think. I've surmised that maybe if I'm less stressed and only spend a couple hours a day on it (rather than 7-8 hours like before) that maybe designs will come more often. I've also decided to make a couple of other changes, but those will be implemented and announced at later dates.

With that said, the Halloween kit is now almost finished. I was on a "vacation" as I like to call it, but inspiration hit tonight. I need to finish up the previews and work on an alpha and then I believe it will be done. I will try as hard as I can to finish tomorrow and package it all up for a POSSIBLE release on Friday. However...I won't do as before and kill myself in order to get it there lol. So I won't make any promises but I'll get it out before Halloween.

Now, with THAT said...I still consider myself on vacation. LOL I've gotten my house nice and clean, started on a new hobby, visited with my family (we took a day trip to a fabulous place, more on that later) and scrapped some pages of said trip, with TONS more to do. I've even tried out some new scrapping techniques that are way out of my comfort zone. I'm rather enjoying my vacation, so don't expect anything new on the horizon for the next couple of weeks (other than the Halloween kit). Like I said, I won't kill myself in order to get new things out, but I will do what I can.

I'm SO tired so I'm going to wrap this up...I do have plans still to work on a fall kit. I also have some plans to release some CU stuff. I just don't know how that will go now that I've decided to go down to part-time however. We'll see. I had wanted to put out a birthday kit to celebrate Isaac's birthday, but it doesn't look like that will happen. He's having a pirate party anyway lol. Maybe a pirate themed kit, who knows. I also still want to release maybe 2 Christmas kits. We'll take it one day at a time, and see how it goes. However, I will still have a blog train ready to leave the station. I haven't heard a word from some of the other designers, so it may be later than planned but that's ok...it will be plenty worth the wait! I'll let you know if I hear any word on that. That's all for today, I gotta get to sleep, got to get up early in the morning. Have a good day/night!


Thankful - October Blog Train!

Hi all! October already? Geez. I can't believe it's October already. Seems like hubby and I were just celebrating New Year's at home, all by ourselves. We were going to go over to a friend's house but I fell sick so preferred to stay at home, rather than go out. It was nice though. :) And soon it will be Halloween, and we still have to decide what we adults are going to do for Halloween. Luckily Isaac is already outfitted for Halloween - he's going to be a little pirate. He's so cute in it! And then Thanksgiving (I can almost taste the food lol) and then Christmas. YIKES! I wish I could go back to August, without having a ton of holidays looming at me lol.

It's that time again! The theme this month for the Blog Train is Thankful - and let me tell you, it's a gorgeous kit! And huge again! Almost (if not over) 100 designers participated in this - I lost count!

Here is my portion of the blog train -

Click on image to reach download link. There is a coupon included in my portion, for 50% off your entire order, good at both of my stores, just for downloading my portion. :) Also remember that everyone is in different time zones, so if one portion isn't up just yet keep checking back.

Here is the preview of all the pieces you will be getting when you visit each blog in the train -

You should have come from ScrapperGirl Designs, and the next stop on your travels will be Simply Scraps. If you get lost somewhere along the way, you can always visit the Blog Train Blog to get back on track.

Hope you enjoy it!

I know it's been a while since I've put anything out but I will be having some new products coming out before Halloween. Some will probably be CU - I still have to quality check them, but I will have a new kit coming out soon - so be sure to look for that!

I think that will be all for right now...I've got some great things for you this October, including another blog train around the 15th, and hopefully another kit in edition to the one I told you about above, so keep checking back!