Scrapable Statement

It was decided by all the designers and administrators that a statement should be made. My good friend Tiffany was voted to make that statement. Here's what everyone from Scrapable would like to say to our customers.

Many of the designers at Scrapable have been talking and we feel a statement needs to be made.

I want to note that I wrote this statement based upon many of the feelings of the designers at Scrapable. However, if anyone is offended by anything here that is my fault not the other designers since I chose the basic wording. Hopefully no one will be and this will explain where many of us are right now.

There is a lot going on right now at Scrapable and we feel that it is important to make a statement about it all. First, there have been a few big changes recently as the ownership of Scrapable switched hands about a week ago. Today (Jan 28) the forum and store of Scrapable were shut down. This occurred without the knowledge of the previous owner, the current acting administrator, and the designers of Scrapable. At this time none of us have enough information to speculate as to why this occurred. There is a lot that simply is not known at this time. Unfortunately this includes the future of Scrapable.

Here is what we do know. None of us want to see all of the hard work that we and many others have put into Scrapable disappear. Scrapable has been an amazing site and with the right owner and a little work it is possible it can continue to be an amazing site. A few of the designers and the previous owner are working together to try to make things right. They are hard at work in discussion with another possible buyer. This may not work out in the end, but there has been too much work and effort put into Scrapable to see it go down without a fight.

If anyone has any outstanding orders for any of the designers at Scrapable please contact the designer directly. We will make sure that you have your links! If you have gift certificates or coupons that you were unable to use, again please contact the designers directly and we will do what we can to make sure that you get what you need.

All of the designers at Scrapable were stunned by what happened on today, as were all of the members and others associated with the site. We want you to know that while we are all finding our footing and determining our next step we have not forgotten about everyone else. We are aware that what is happening at Scrapable affected more than just us designers. We want you to know that we are all working on something special for all of you. We don’t have a lot of information right now and we don’t have a lot of certainty, but we DO have a lot of heart and an amazing group of women.

At this point, none of us know the future of Scrapable. However, that doesn't mean that we will not try to make everything as right as we possibly can, even though none of this was any fault of the designers. So again, if you have had any problems with your orders (didn't receive links, didn't get a chance to download) please contact me and I will verify it and get back to when I possibly can. We will have a special thank you to our customers available very soon.

I'm also in talks with another store. This may take a while to finalize, and I won't say any more about it because this is not a done deal. However, I am trying to get back up and running as soon as I possibly can.

Currently you can only purchase one item of mine, and that is my collab with InspiredbyDominic Designs. You can find that at Scrappity-Doo-Dah right now, if you're interested in purchasing that. Also I still plan on having the designer spotlight up this week, possibly earlier than Wednesday.

I will let you all know as more develops, and thank you so much for being patient with us.




Scrapable has been temporarily closed. This was completely unexpected and we (other designers and myself) don't know if or when it will open again. I am in the process of finding a new home, and will let you know as soon as I've got one.

Currently the only product of mine that you will be able to purchase is the collab that Tiffany and I just did, but you will only be able to purchase it at Inspiration-Lane on Saturday and later today or tomorrow at Scrappity-Doo-Dah.

I'm incredibly sorry for the inconvenience and hope to get this resolved soon. If you recently purchased from me and did not get your links to download, or need anything else, please DO NOT HESITATE to email me at pixiemamadesigns@hotmail.com and I WILL REMEDY IT ASAP!

Note: I am currently in the process of going through all invoices, recording emails, and will shortly be sending out personal emails to make sure that all customers have received their downloads. This is a process that takes a while, so please allow up to 48 hours to receive an email. If you did not receive an email within 48 hours and you have a problem with your order, please contact me at the email address above!

And don't worry, I will be back as soon as I possibly can with new products and better things! Thanks for your patience!

Sneak Peek - Release 1.29.10!

I'm just stopping by today to give you that sneak peek I promised of the collab that Tiffany of InspiredbyDominic Designs and I did!

You will be able to find this tomorrow at Scrapable, later today at Scrappity-Doo-Dah, or Saturday at Inspiration-Lane!

I'll be back on Saturday to post a full preview of the collab kit, and hopefully some CT Inspiration!


Wipe Out Wednesday, Retiring Items, and a Freebie!

Hello all! Hope your Wednesday is bringing fabulous things for you!

Man, do I have some fabulous things coming for you guys in February! It seems to me like January has dragged on forever. That might be just me, since I've seen a lot of people say they can't believe it's almost February. I've been super busy this month and I'm ready to bring you some fabulous new things in the next few weeks. First, a good friend and I just finished a FANTASTIC collab kit - it's become one of my favorites. We haven't set a release date yet, but you'll be the first to know when we do and I'll even come back with some sneak peeks - you're gonna love it!

It's Wipe Out Wednesday again at Scrapable and I'm bringing you a few of my favorite products plus some very popular ones among my customers. Here's what you can get from me for Wipe Out Wednesday today for only $1!

Each image is linked to the product in the store! And don't forget to check out what other wonderful $1 deals the designers have in store for you - go here to see!

Also, I've decided that it's time for out with the old and in with the new! Since I've been sooo busy and hard at work, I've got to make room in my shop for new, bigger, better things! So I've decided to retire these products. They're getting ready to head off to that big recycle bin in digi-scrap heaven within the next few days, so pick them up now while you can - most items are $1.50 or less and none of these items are over $3.00!

Check out all my retiring items here!

I also want to make a sincere apology to everybody who stopped by to download the Project 365 freebie last Wednesday - I didn't have a clue that it wasn't working until I got a comment from one of my readers who stopped by to pick it up. I fixed it immediately so if you'd like to check that out, scroll down a couple of posts and you're free to download it!

Finally, I have for you another freebie. This freebie is by my fabulous CT member Jill. Haven't my CT been making wonderful freebies lately? I just love them to pieces. Anyway, for you this time I have 3 freebie brag book quickpages from Candy & Kisses from my February PU Grab Bag. They are 4x6 and all you have to do is drop you pictures behind them and they're ready for printing! Would make a great personalized Valentine for a loved one!

Image is linked to the download! If the freebie doesn't work for you, please leave me a comment with a way to contact you so I can let you know when it's working! And don't forget to leave Jill some leave if you download!

That's all from me today...don't forget that next Wednesday comes another CT Spotlight and another freebie for you!


Tidal Wave Weekend - New Releases and a Freebie!

Hello all! Did you enjoy the first installment of the CT Spotlight and the freebie? I hope you did!

I have some new releases this weekend for Tidal Wave Weekend at Scrapable! I think you'll really enjoy it!

I had sooooo much fun making this new kit. I started Project 365 this year as a way to expand my scrapping skills and to find a way to capture our everyday life much better. I'm so bad at taking pictures of the little things that you never think of, so I figured this would be a way to force myself to think outside the box - coming up with a picture every day is difficult but I've gotten some excellent pictures because of it! I also figured this would be a good way to improve my photography skills before I get my new DSLR in about a month or so (yay tax returns!). And I was right - I have improved a LOT! I'm so excited to see what my photos will turn out like after I start taking them with my new camera. I can't wait to get it!

Anyway I wanted a Project 365/Project 52 kit to scrap my weekly layouts that was as unique as I am. I've found a ton of P365 kits out there that I love, but I wanted something that was totally my style. So I created this HUGE kit!

I'm serious - this kit is HUGE! My computer counted slightly over 300MB when all was said and done. There's 6 packs in all - a set of date elements, a notebook paper alpha, a set of over 100 elements, a set of patterned papers, a set of school papers, and a set of layer styles. I've made it easy and included all elements in one huge bundle available for a VERY low price (pictured above), a kit bundle which includes all papers, the elements (not including date elements) and the alpha, or all in seperate pieces, so you can purchase only the things you want!

Here's all the seperate pieces:

And as I mentioned before, here is the kit bundle:

This kit would be good for ANY kind of layout - there are enough gender-neutral elements that you can scrap both girls and boys, and adults alike. The school papers would be great for those back-to-school layouts also. The date elements make it so easy for you to date your layouts. There are three types of date bits - circle cardboard, circle styrofoam, and square notepaper - in the numbers 0-31, the months, and the days of the week in each one. I've also made a date wheel, which comes either plain, or embellished with either a screwhead center or stapled center. Also in the pack is a set of stamped-styled date strips, one with numbers 1-31 and the other with months. I've included 2 doodled pen markers so you can easily circle dates, in 3 colors - black, red, and blue. Included in the element pack is over 100 elements, some recolored but some unique, including multi- and single-photo frames, ribbon hangers, ric-rac, stitches, buttons, acrylic hearts, flowers, and more. There are 12 patterned papers and 14 school-style papers, which can be used for any style of layout or any season. The notebook paper alpha is lined in silver glitter and backed with corkboard for a very unique look. The layer style pack includes 3 different types of styles - acrylic, glitter, and gel glitter - in 10 colors each, for a total of 30 colors.

Each piece is available at Scrapable seperately or in the two bundles - and this weekend only, you can get every single one of them, including the bundles, for 25% off. I'd suggest grabbing the bundle while you can, because the price is amazing. (Links above are CLICKABLE and will take you to the piece it shows!)

I have a freebie for you today, made by Jaya of JayaPrem's Hangout, and my awesome CT member. This template comes in 2 formats - .PSD and .TIF - and also comes in a flattened .PNG format to use as a sketch. The drop shadows are included but turned off so you can customize if you'd like. This is based off a layout that she made using my Project 365 kit.

Click on the image to be taken to the download!

I will be back soon with more freebies, and more CT inspiration - they're still hard at work creating beautiful layouts!

Have a wonderful weekend!


CT Spotlight Week 1 - and a Freebie!

Hello all! As promised last week, I'm back today with our first installment of the CT Spotlight! I'm so excited to bring you my CT Spotlight. I just held a CT Call back in the end of December - I first posted at DST and Scrapable and I had so many replies that I didn't even get a chance to post it on my blog. I can't believe how many fabulous girls I added to my team. And they've been soooo hard at work creating so many fantastic layouts, they're overloading the galleries with them!

First of all I'd like to say that today is Wipe Out Wednesday at Scrapable. I have 4 products in
the Wipe Out $1 sale today, including 2 products that were previously in my January Grab Bag! Head on over to the Wipe Out Wednesday category to check out my $1 products and also the other designs (including our spolighted CT member's!)

Now, onto business!

Today for the first CT Spotlight I'm spotlighting Jaya. Jaya happens to be a very good friend of mine, so when she asked to join my CT I was surprised and thrilled at the same time. Jaya is also a designer, she designs under JayaPrem's Hangout so you may just know her! Anyway, onto her spotlight!

I asked Jaya a series of questions and here's how she answered!

Tell me a little bit about yourself -

My name is Jaya I am from India but residing in US now. I am SAHM of one naughty little monster, Harish and wife to Prem. My son going to be 4 this year. He is my inspiration for scrapping and everything. I have a Post graduate degree in Environmental Science and worked for 3 years as a Medical Transcriptionist before getting married and moving to US. I came across digital scrapping while searching for scrap supplies online, saw a digital site and got hooked instantly.

So how long have you been digital scrapbooking?

I have been digital scrapping for 2 years now.

Did you ever do any traditional paper scrapbooking? What made you switch? Do you still do any paper scrapbooking?


Do you have any other hobbies?

I love to read, listen to music and cook. Though now I don't find time from playing with my son
to read. But, since he loves music we get to hear plenty of it

What do you find yourself scrapbooking the most - your kids, pets, significant other, family, etc?

Mostly my son, but some times other things like the places we visited etc

What couldn't you live without when you make a layout? For example, undo, a certain element, a program, etc?

If I could I would use flowers and strings in all my layouts. I LOVE them.

Do you gravitate towards any certain color or style when you make a layout?

I used to love dark and bright colors, but it has changed now. I don't really have a style. I just do what I like and what makes me happy.

Do you do anything on the side, such as designing, designer services, scrap-4-hire? Don't forget to include a link or something so we can pay you a visit!

Yep, I design digital scrap kits. It has been just over a year since I started designing. Right now I am designing exclusively at Scrapable. My store link - http://www.scrapable.net/shop/manufacturers.php?manufacturerid=73

Where's your blog?

JayaPrem's Hangout - http://scraps-by-jayaprem.blogspot.com/

Who's your favorite designer (other than Pixiemama)? Give them a plug - include a link to their shop!

I have many favorite designers. One is Inspiredbydominic Designs, who is also my very good friend. I just love her stuff. She creates kits with so much attention and her quality is awesome.
Her store link - http://www.scrapable.net/shop/manufacturers.php?manufacturerid=71

Tell us one thing about yourself that very few people know.

I am afraid of cats because of a childhood incident.

Tell us one thing about yourself that is unique or weird.

My big toe on both feet are not straight, they are tilted abt 30 degrees towards inside.

What's your favorite layout that you've made?

One of recent favorite layout is this one because, my DH and myself don't always get a chance to be in the pic together. So this one is special. http://www.scrapable.net/galleries/showphoto.php?photo=16845&ppuser=1152

Give us a link to a layout of yours that has very few comments so we can leave you a little love.


Here are a few of Jaya's wonderful layouts she has created for me. To see even more layouts by Jaya, including some with Tiffany's products, visit her gallery here.

Go leave her some love on her layouts, in her store and in our good friend Tiffany's store as well! Currently, Tiffany also has something going on at DST, and well all over - if you make a donation to the relief effort in Haiti to a reputable organization and send her a copy of your donation receipt (with all private information blacked out or deleted) she will send you a coupon for 50% of your donation - for example, donate $10 and receive a $5 coupon for her shop.

Here's the link to the thread at DigiShopTalk where you can find all the necessary information from Tiffany herself! Please donate - the minimum amount that can be donated to the Red Cross is $10 and think of not only what you could receive from Tiffany's shop, but all the help you will bring to others who are in desperate need of some help! I really hope you will give it some thought!

And now for those of you who have been waiting...a freebie! This freebie frame cluster comes to you today courtesy of me, made from elements from a new kit I have coming out this Friday at Scrapable - a Project 365 kit. I started the P365 journey the beginning of this year and it's been so rewarding, I'm not only capturing everyday memories but I'm also getting to know my camera better and my photographs have improved. I had so much fun making this kit, it was a real labor of love and I'm so happy with the results!

Click on the image to be taken to Mediafire where you can download this fabulous freebie frame cluster! (Say that 5 times fast!) It's the perfect addition to your next Project 365 or Project 52 layout!

EDIT: For all of you that the freebie did NOT work for, it should work now. If it doesn't, please email me at pixiemamadesigns@hotmail.com and I'll figure out a way to send it to you! Sorry for the inconvenience!

Now don't forget to head on over to DST and Tiffany's and Jaya's shops - and DONATE! You have no idea how much hope and compassion you will bring to these poor folks and their families suffering among the rubble! Enjoy your freebie!


Meet My CT and CT Inspiration!

Hi everyone! Hope you're having a great Saturday!

I'm here today to introduce you to my wonderful CT. I have 3 existing members and recently added 8 new members!

So without further ado, here they are!

Joining Tammy, Ness, and Sue are:


and Jill!

Over the next few months I'll be further introducing you to my team members with CT spotlights every other Wednesday. They'll be answering some questions and I'll spotlight some of their layouts. Some may be bringing you freebies along with their spotlights as well. So be looking for that coming this Wednesday, January 20th!

My brand new CT and my awesome existing CT members have been getting to know each other the past couple weeks and are settling right into their new home. They've also been working with lots of my products and have produced some fantastic layouts! I wanted to show you just a few of their layouts today!

To find the kits that my CT members have used, just head to my shop!

Don't forget that Wednesday I'll be back with Wipe Out Wednesday $1 Deals and my first CT Spotlight. I'll be spotlight one of my new CT members, Jaya, who also happens to be the designer behind JayaPrem's Hangout!


Tidal Wave Weekend, New PU Grab Bag

Hello all! I'm trying to get back into the swing of blogging about new releases and events going on, so forgive me if I've been absent. But that also means that I've been busy and hard at work trying to put out new stuff for you!

Today my January PU Grab Bag was seperated and all the pieces are now put up in the shop. If you missed them while they were in the grab bag for the rock bottom price, you can now pick up your favorite pieces for 25% off, this weekend only!

CU/PU Alpha Beads - Reg. $2.50 Sale $1.87

Midnight Kiss, The Kit - Reg. $4.00, Sale $3.00

Midnight Kiss, The Glitters (CU) - Reg. $3.00, Sale $2.25

Through The Years Photo Masks - Reg. $3.50, Sale $2.62

You can pick up all these at their sale prices through Sunday night at Scrapable!

Also, my February PU Grab Bag was released today! It's full of cute, romantic elements for all those Valentine and love projects.

You can pick it up at Scrapable also for only $4 until February 11th. After the 11th, it will all be seperated and put into the store in pieces and the price will go up, so make sure to pick it up while you can!

Here are all the pieces you can find in the grab bag:

It's a fabulous deal for only $4 - 5 Brand New, Never Before Released products. That's less than $1 per product, and some products are CU ok! (Make sure to read the TOU before using for commercial purposes!) Head to Scrapable right now and pick it up while you can save big!

I'm working on some BIG things this month, and I've been very busy. I have a bunch of new CT members and they've been busy at work creating beautiful layouts with my new kits. I'll be back this weekend to introduce you to them and show you some of their beautiful creations. And soon, I'll be back with some more new releases that I think you'll really love!