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Sneak Peek Extravaganza!

Happy Hump Day everyone!

I always hated that term. Hump Day. I get the reasoning behind it, I just don't feel comfortable saying it. It's just not right. lol

Anyway...I come to you today with a sneak peek extravaganza!

I have not 1, not 2...but THREE sneak peeks for you today!

As you know, I've been very quiet lately, both on the blog and in the store with new releases. I've been having a very big non-activity period, but I promise you, that's coming to an end VERY soon! I have not only a collab with a great designer (who I've collab-ed with before - oooh!) coming out on Friday but another collab with another great designer friend of mine (who I haven't collab-ed with before now - OOH!) coming out on June 1st. I also have some more new releases planned in June - hopefully lots of them!

Onto the sneak peeks!

This first is a collab with one of said designers. Can you guess who it is? The suspense will kill you! This collab will be absolutely sure to win your heart over, especially if you're the parent of a little girl. I don't even have a little girl and it's won my heart over. <3

The second isn't necessarily a release, or anything that will come to my store...but trust me, you'll love it just as much! It will be coming to you on May 28th (hopefully!)...I say hopefully because it's not so much 100% done...maybe hmm...95% done. :D But I've been working on it 12+ hours a day and will be working on it 14+ hours until Friday morning just to bring it to you on May 28th. Well...14+ may be an exaggeration, because feeding and taking care of my son has to occur in there somewhere LOL! But he's been very cooperative in allowing me the time to work, so I'm 99% sure you'll see it coming your way on Friday morning!

This second you will absolutely LOVE...it's for boys and girls alike, and if you have a little nature explorer...this will be a must-have! It's another collab with a designer coming June 1st - to TWO stores! One will be hers and of course mine as well. It's very rare that I do new releases mid-week, but this warrants it! It's just too cute to wait until a Friday!

Now here comes the fun part!!

We're going to play a little guessing game. Your first guess - who am I collab-ing with in the first sneak peek? Your second guess - what am I revealing on Friday morning (sneak peek number 2)? Third guess - who am I collab-ing with in my third sneak peek? Please put them all in ONE post, as you'll only have one chance to win!

I doubt that anyone will get all three right, but I will choose one person randomly on Friday morning when I wake up (which depends on hubby's work schedule, anywhere from 6AM to 10AM lol) and that person will win a $5 GC to my store (good on PU/CU but not on collabs - sorry!)

And you'll want to check back on Friday because you'll have a chance to win your wishlist at SDD (my products only!)...yep, I'm just full of surprises this weekend! lol

Let the guessing begin!


While We Were Away... (Freebie!)

The Scrappity-Doo-Dah designers and team members were cooking up something special for you!

The whole team at SDD appreciates all our customers, and our whole team want to thank you for your continued patience - both in the time that we were down and our migration over to a new, more (ahem) reliable host. We hope that this blog hop will make up for it!

More than 15 of the designers and some of the CT, Love Birds, and Moderators of SDD have come together to bring you this huge kit - While We Were Away. We know you missed us while we were away and we missed you too!

If you take all of the stops of the blog hop you will end up with a huge, beautiful kit that you will be able to scrap almost anything with. You'll also receive a ton of quickpages, courtesy of our Creative Team, Love Birds, and Moderators!

First I want to take a moment to tell you that a ton of designers have sales and specials going on this weekend to make up for the downtime. Be sure to check all of them out this weekend!

Please understand - SDD will be going through a host move throughout the weekend and possibly into the week still. If the store does happen to be down, be patient and try again later. We may experience some downtime during the move, but rest assured if there is, we will try to fix it ASAP!

And now on to the blog hop!

Here's what you'll be receiving from me today!

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?z4imgmzcmlr

I also have a lovely quickpage to give away from SDD CT member 2girlsandadog!

Download: http://www.4shared.com/photo/GoOCcmq8/WWWA_QP_1.html

And don't forget to stop at the next blog to grab your next piece. You should have come from Twin Mom Scraps blog and your next stop will be JayaPrem's Hangout blog. If you get lost, you can find all the blogs right here:

http://digioverdose.com/blog/ - Tam & Yvonne
http://lisetescrap.blogspot.com/ - LiseteScrap
http://www.scraplantis.com/gabs-blog/ - Gabs-Art
http://digilicious.typepad.com/digi_licious_designs/ - Digilicious Designs
http://danospookie.blogspot.com/ - Danospookie Designs
http://www.lilleyscrapdesigns.com/blog - LilleyScrap
http://scrapsillysara.blogspot.com/ = Sara E Designs
http://bekahs-escape2scrapland.blogspot.com/ - Bekah E Designs
http://wordartfun.blogspot.com - Kathy Winters Designs
http://twinmomscraps.blogspot.com - Twin Mom Scraps
http://pixiemamadesigns.blogspot.com - Pixiemama Designs
http://scraps-by-jayaprem.blogspot.com/ - JayaPrem's Hangout
http://ginnytallent.blogspot.com/ - GET Designs
http://www.inspiredbydominic.com/blog/ - Inspired by Dominic Designs
http://crystalcreationsbydesign.blogspot.com/ - Crystal's Creations
http://www.2minutes2myself.com/ - Andrea (CT)
http://www.storiesremembered.blogspot.com/ - Crystal (CT)
http://faithhopeandluv.blogspot.com/ - Lisa (CT)
http://jennmurphyscraps.blogspot.com/ - Jenn Murphy
http://www.cvfragata.blogspot.com - Corinne (CT)
http://pinky-designs.blogspot.com/ - Pinky (CT)
http://threedogsandababydesigns.blogspot.com/ - Christina
http://elainetherese.blogspot.com/ - Elaine
http://creativetripletmom.blogspot.com/ - Laura
http://victorialanedesigns.blogspot.com/ - Vicky
http://vonniesscrappin.blogspot.com/ - Yvonne

If someone does not have their piece up yet, please bookmark and try back later - we are all in different time zones so some may not have their pieces up quite yet.

Thank you for all your understanding during the last couple of weeks and through the move this weekend! Enjoy!


Scrappity-Doo-Dah is back!

For those of you who missed your fix - Scrappity-Doo-Dah is back!

We're still not quite sure what went on. On Thursday everyone received an update that read a little something like "The last owner (Keith of UC) is unable to provide services and the company has been bought out by Impact Hosting. We are committed to bringing your sites back online and bringing you your services..." Blah blah blah. (By that time, we were all just a little peeved, sick of hearing excuses, and we were just ready to face what was going on and move to start our stores and sites from scratch again. No joke.)

My theory is that either a) UC went bankrupt and instead of turning everything over to the new company as it was, they shut off the servers and held all our sites hostage so that we wouldn't leave during the transition, or b) it's actually UCWebhost in disguise.

Either way, it doesn't matter because Scrappity-Doo-Dah is back up again. I can't personally promise that there won't be more downtime in the future, as we don't know what this company's intentions are. I also can't say anything about plans at Scrappity-Doo-Dah regarding staying with the company, as I don't know those lol. But downtime, if any, should be minimal.

Now I wish I had some new releases for you - I know it's been a while - and I was going to, but then SDD shut down on me. It didn't go back up until late Thursday night, and by then it was late, I was tired, and knee-deep in plans for the blog. (I won't say anything, my lips are sealed but...it'll be BIG!) So I just didn't have time to set them up in my store. But as long as SDD is still up next week they will be available next week. I also have two wonderful collabs coming your way in the next couple weeks, so be prepared for those!

Keep checking back, because like I said, I have some BIG things coming for you. You'll definitely want to be signed up for my newsletter for it all, because I can't give out dates because I don't know them for sure. It's all just touch and go at this point. But I will say that now, I do expect it to be around June 1st. (Remember that's just an estimate.)

There won't be much to report from now until then, but keep an eye out at the blog.


What's going on with SDD?

I'm sure that's the question going through some of your minds right now.

I just wanted to drop you a note as my loyal customers, that Scrappity-Doo-Dah is down yet again. Yvonne and Tam, the owners/administrators are doing everything in their power to get SDD back up and running. The webhost found a possible security breech and had to shut down the servers to find if there was a problem and also to fix it. Many digi-scrap stores are down as they work to fix this problem.

We have no word on when Scrappity-Doo-Dah will be back up and running.

I assure you all that if you had a coupon or an item that you purchased before the site went down and you did not get your items or your coupon expired, I will honor those items as long as they were valid as of May 10. (Meaning if the expiration was May 9 or before, they were no longer valid and can not be honored.) Also I will try the everything in my power to get you download links as long as they are available.

I thank you all for your cooperation in this difficult time with our host.


Mother's Day Freebie!

I just wanted to stop by and wish all you mothers out there a fantastic Mother's Day!

Hubby and I are pretty strapped for cash this weekend because his paycheck was delayed, so we'll be spending the day very low-key - what would be super nice would be being able to sleep in, waking up to a clean house, and a nice lunch cooked by my husband. I can only hope!

I wanted to drop by and give you all a little Mother's Day freebie that I made up. Tiffany mentioned she was making a little freebie for her blog for Mother's Day and suggested I do so too, so here it is! My freebie matches hers, as we made it from the same color swatch as the Breast Cancer Awareness Blog Train swatch we created back in November. If you go over to the sidebar, you'll find a set of links, and if you click on the Breast Cancer Awareness link, it will take you right to that download. You'll have a matching kit!

You can go to InspiredbyDominic Designs blog here and pick up her freebie as well!

Click on the images to be taken to the downloads!

Also, if you have a little Mother's Day money to spend, my shop is still on sale today at 50% off - I was going to mark it down to 40% but I decided to keep it at 50%! Go to my shop here!

Enjoy your freebies and have a wonderful Mother's Day!


(i)NSD sale extended!

For those of you who were unable to shop this weekend or still have a little money left burning in your pocket, my (i)NSD sale has been extended!

You can stop by my shop today to get everything for 50% off. Tomorrow the sale will be reduced to 40% and that will run through Sunday. But you can still pick up some fabulous deals!

Also my Build Your Own Grab Bags and PU Grab Bag are still available through Sunday. After Sunday the BYOGBs will disappear and the PU Grab Bag will be broken up and sold seperately, so get them while you can!


Also, please excuse the dust here at the blog. Things are a little out of place and will stay that way through May. On June 1st we will be revealing a brand new design, and my CT will be getting a brand new team name and will be starting some fun things in their brand new home. Look for those things to come June 1st!