NSD - Pastels and Polka Dots - Part 1

...it's done... :)

The NSD kit ended up being so large that I decided to split it up into two parts. The first part is the papers, which will be posted tonight. Come back tomorrow for the second part, the elements.
You will be seeing spots with this kit! The NSD Mega Freebie kit is chock full of polka dots and beautiful pastel colors. Perfect for spring pages, Easter pages, weddings, babies, or almost anything! This huge freebie kit includes 18 papers, all textured, including 6 crumpled papers and 6 polka dotted papers, all in colors of blue, green, pink, purple, off-white and yellow. It also includes almost 50 elements ranging from brads to beautiful beaded flourishes! Perfect for everyone, this kit is guaranteed to have something that everyone will love!

I also need to take care of something really quick...I told another member from K-Joi that I would do this and completely forgot, so I'm doing it now while I still remember. Both of her sons were just diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, which is on the Autism Spectrum. This has been a real struggle for her. There are two wonderful and well-known scrappers out there - Ali Edwards and Jessica Sprague - who have offered to donate $2 each for each sale that this kit, Bloom and Grow, makes. I've been asked to link to it, so I will. I won't post an image, as it may get mixed in when the freebie blog engine picks this entry up, but here are the links to two wonderful kits that support Autism Awareness, including Bloom and Grow.

Bloom and Grow
Live, Laugh, Love

It would be fabulous if you would buy both of these kits, and if you do buy them and make layouts with them, I'd love to see them. In fact, if you do make any layouts with them and post a link here with your name and email address, there may just be something in it for you! ;)

Here is the link to download Part 1 of Pastels and Polka Dots, the NSD Mega Freebie:

Download here

I think that is all for tonight. I will be back tomorrow night with the second half of the kit. Also I will be working on the sidebar of the blog tonight with some links. :)



Those were Tiffany's exact words to me last night lol...

But she should be excited! And so should you! Because the secret is out! Her new store is...

*drumroll please*


And through May 4th (which is the Monday after NSD), she's having a 35% off sale at her new store in Inspiration Lane. She has several exclusive things up already, and Jamie's Rainbow is up there if you're interested in picking that up. Pick it up while it's on sale! Help Tiffany get settled into her new store!

Oh and I should also mention, you should check out Tiff's blog while you're at it. She's thrown in a little extra special gift for you, just to sweeten the pot. Because she's just that awesome :) But you'll have to go check out her blog to figure out what it is!

I have some good news and some bad news. You need the good news first. I have come up with a different idea for my NSD freebie kit. It's MUCH better and it's actually something I would probably scrap with. I don't know cause I haven't tried yet lol (and heaven help me if I try to, that I don't absolutely hate it and want to trash it again!)...the bad news? Oh yeah. Ok well I'm stuck. My designing skills are still very limited you see, and there are a lot of things I can't do. So it won't be a total vast array of elements that are all unique from each other. This will be more of a...how would you say it?...add-on, to other kits by other designers. There are still elements that you could do a whole page with just this kit, but I know the way I scrap, I just need a variety of elements to work with. I just need to get a little bit more under my belt. But it will be ready for NSD!

Before I go, I want everybody to go back to that link to Inspiration Lane. Then I want you to head to the forums. Then I want you to sign up. They are starting their NSD festivities almost a week early! That's right, they are holding NSD festivities all week starting today. They are holding Wish-For-It days all week, challenges and some other fun stuff you don't want to miss. Then also, you should check out K-Joi on NSD, they will be holding some uber fun stuff as well. And us over at Tiff's CT may have something in store too, who knows? (Don't get your hopes up, no plans yet :D ) You'll just have to go check out all of Tiff's stores to find out!

I'd better go, I have to work today lol :P Have a good day all of you!


Day 2 - Jamie's Rainbow QPs

Here is day 2 of the quickpages made with Tiffany's new kit, Jamie's Rainbow. There is one QP, in both PNG and JPG formats, with Tiffany's TOU and a link to her blog included in the download. Tiffany's new kit makes it's debut tomorrow, along with her new store, which I will post on tomorrow. I don't know as of right now what's in store for you tomorrow as far as Day 3 goes. I will think on it and get back to you ;)

Without further delay...

Download Day 2 Here

I have switched from 4shared to adrive.com for sharing freebies and such, for those of you nervous about using 4shared. Unfortunately, I don't think I have as much free space there, so until I get a little more space or some money for a paid account, I will have to delete freebies after a while. I do apologize for this, but it just has to be done until I can get some more space.

Hope you guys enjoy the QPs!


Jamie's Rainbow - QP Day 1

I have a freebie for you today! Tiffany is opening a brand new store on the 27th, so in order to celebrate, her CT (which includes moi) has made some quickpages with her new kit, which is exclusive to the new store so it won't come out until the 27th. I'm only offering it for a little while, I don't know how long, but it will be gone after a little while so grab it while you can!

This is only day 1, I will be back later tomorrow or possibly tonight with day 2.

Also, I just wanted to warn you that I'm having second thoughts on my NSD kit that I was planning on offering. It's just not something that I'm proud of right now. I was trying to create some quickpages from it last night so I could offer it as a posting bonus for my challenge girls at K-Joi, but I stopped and realized that it's not something that I would scrap with. I may try to redo it, but with 6 days until NSD not including today, I don't know how much I can do. I also work Sun-Fri, and it will take all my time on Saturday morning to probably zip and post links to all the places I need to, as I'm going out of town that day. So reasonably that gives me all day today (which, that's not going to happen because this house needs to get cleaned) and half days all the other days. Monday is payday so we will be gone all day. That basically leaves me like 3 days to get it redone lol. So I will release something on NSD, but as of yet I don't know what it will be and I don't know how large it will be. Just don't expect too much of me, mmmk?


So tired.

I have nothing for anyone today. I've been all designed out lol. I haven't even touched my PSP in a couple days. I haven't done any digital layouts either. I've been working a lot, and among doing other things, I've been focusing on my family and my paper scrapping.

First of all, I have life lesson #1 for all of you. Never ever take a two-year-old boy with a flaring temper who hasn't napped all day - fishing. Never ever. Even without a hook. It's a disaster. Tempers fly from both child and parents, and people who are trying to relax and fish give you dirty looks. Just never do it. The upside? I got a few good pictures. Note the few.

Today was a beautiful day so Isaac spent a good portion of the day outside. In fact, we just got in a little over an hour ago. I spent about an hour cleaning up the yard. We moved here to this house about 8 months ago, and it was just starting to become fall then. We had a lot of things going on, with me just starting a new job and Christmas and Isaac's birthday coming up. Therefore, we got all the leaves raked up months ago, but we never got outside to get them into lawn bags and get rid of them. So it snowed, and then it rained. And then it snowed some more. And then it rained some more. And we still hadn't gotten them cleaned up. Plus we had trash that blew in, some from us from stray trash bags, some from the previous owners, etc. So I got that cleaned up, gathered all the tumbleweeds up ('cause you know, this is Kansas....), and gathered all the things that need to be dumped in one spot so we can start hauling it off soon. Now I just need to have somebody come burn the leaves and tumbleweeds, and have Heath put together the lawn mower and teach me (yes, I don't know how to mow) and our yard will be alright. Not beautiful, still, but alright. Now just to work on the rest of the house lol.

I'm putting new photos up on Webshots in just a moment. Here is the link to that.

My Webshots

The fishing pictures and outdoors pictures from today are included in there. One is under Spring 2009 and the others will be under something related to fishing.

I have to go now. I want to do some more paper scrapping and I'm starving. Heath is supposed to be bringing pizza home and I hope he makes it soon. I'm so hungry after all that work outside lol. Have a good night!


Short tonight

Tonight's blog entry will probably be very short. I'm sort of at a loss for words but feel the need to blog. I guess I could start out with a little bit of advertising.

Tiffany's 25% off sale ends tomorrow. You definitely need to go to her stores at K-Joi, DigiScrapStation, or Digital Paper Hearts and check out her new kit, Creating A Dream. This kit was inspired by the dream she has to one day become a Kindergarten teacher, and the fact that she's going through the schooling she needs to fulfill that dream. She's almost through all that schooling and I know that all of us, her CT, are so very proud of her, and I'm sure her family is so proud of her as well. I'm not sure that all of her stores are at 25% off, but I know that K-Joi is, so you definitely need to check her out there. There are also a ton of other designers there who are having sales. And once again, you NEED to sign up for the K-Joi newsletter before May 2nd, because there are a ton of NSD events planned for Sat, May 2nd. More about NSD in a moment...

Also, I just must advertise Katie at JustSoScrappy. Right now, on her blog, she has a freebie a day event going on. Her current freebie is a Tinkerbell brag book, which is made to fit the Abby Blackboard album by Cosmo Cricket. She is putting out one a day, and has just tonight put out day two. I've downloaded each one and they are fantastic! I'm a big fan of Tinkerbell - I collect Tinkerbell memorabilia, and when we start working on my scrapbook room on the front porch, my spot of the room will be Tinkerbell themed, with accents in teal and purple and a little pink. I have Tink shirts, a doll, a clock, just tons of stuff. She also has put out a kit and a set of quickpages. The kit is just CHOCK full of stuff. I just bought it tonight and it's great. And you will not believe the price. But I'm not going to tell you, because I want you to go to her blog to find out. She has a ton of kits there and they are all VERY reasonably priced, and chock full of wonderful, high-quality stuff. GO!!!

Up until today, I thought I would be here for most of the day on NSD, BUT...now I'm not so sure. My mom just told me today that she was thinking about going out of town an hour away to the scrapbook store there. Scrapbook store on NSD? Yeah. You know I can't resist that. I'm so very fortunate that I didn't offer to host a chat or anything for K-Joi, because I was thinking about it. I will still be able to make probably one of the chats, at 10am, because my mom has to work that day until about noon. So we will probably leave town around 12:30 or 1, unless she gets off early. It also kind of depends on whether my grandmother will have to reschedule her hair appt for that day too. It would be kind of nice to go. Even though I love K-Joi, I haven't gone out of town to the scrapbook store in quite a while, and I will have a rather large check that weekend...and it IS NSD.

I have to go, I have to get up early in the morning for work. We'll see about NSD when it gets closer. Have a good night!


Sneak Peek

I haven't blogged the past few days, because I've been busy working on this new kit. It's honestly becoming huge. I mean, in contrast to my last two freebies I've offered. And I have a sneak peek for you!

It's not much to go on, but as you can tell, it's glittery and purple! (Which are like, my trademarks lol - besides pink!) It's much larger than my previous freebies, and this will probably be the big NSD kit. Mostly because I'm fresh out of ideas of what to do for it. I decided not to do a kit for May Day, because I just don't know much about it, and frankly I don't have time. I will however, be trying to put out a few freebies before NSD so you don't have to wait that long, but they will not be very large. Maybe a couple add-ons or something. I've also thought about re-doing the two freebies I featured before, because I've been told they're not very good quality because some of the elements aren't sized right. I do apologize for that, I'm still learning to make them much larger than they really would be. Remember, up until now I've been mainly a paper scrapper, where there's virtually no resizing of elements ;).

I've been working a lot lately. One of the girls at work sprained her ankle and had to be off a couple of days, and had an appointment today, so it was just me and my boss Monday, Tuesday, and most of today. She came in for a little while to help today, but left much earlier because it was supposed to be her day off. Tomorrow is a late day for me, and after that, I really should come home and do some major cleaning. I've had the urge to do some paper scrapping also. I may work on some mini things for you guys tomorrow too. We'll see what I get the urge to do when I get home.

I'm cutting this short tonight, Heath should be home any minute now, and I'm very tired. I went in at 8 this morning to help Linzy put up new signs for the new promotions at work. 7-something is a couple hours earlier than I'm used to waking up at during the weekdays. Normally I only work at 8 on Sundays, but this will make twice in one week, which I'm not complaining cause it will make for a good check for me.

Anyways, like I said I'm cutting this short, hope you guys like the sneak peek and a couple of the elements may look low quality but I will check on that and try to fix it before I post anything. Good night!


Easter Festivities

As I type, I'm uploading pictures from today. I would have done this much, much sooner than now but when I sat down to do it, I found out my camera was in the car, and the car was with Heath at work. I hate it when I do that.

I don't know that I can say we had a "happy" Easter or not. We woke up to lots of rain and a yard full of mud, so automatically that meant moving the egg hunt indoors. When I got Isaac up and got him dressed, he's still suffering with some kind of cold. He's got a bad cough and a runny nose, and you could tell he felt miserable. To be quite honest with you, I knew the day was going to be a disaster from the moment I stepped outside the house. Isaac jumped in a mud puddle the second we got outdoors, because Heath refused to carry him so that he wouldn't get his good pants dirty and I had an armful with an Easter basket and my camera and purse and other goodies. Then when we got to my aunt's house, everybody else was sick as well, so nobody really felt like doing an egg hunt. Nonetheless, we went on with it. First Isaac threw a fit and refused to have anything to do with his Easter baskets or the egg hunt. We had to show him that he had a ton of goodies in those baskets, including tons of toy cars and Cars memoribilia. My teenage cousin was throwing a fit as well, of which I have nil patience for. He's 14 though and not my child, so what could I do? Just smile and nod. Then we had a struggle getting Isaac in the mood to hunt eggs. Right before we decided to just forget the whole thing, he found one egg and he was off and running! There was no stopping that kid. Everytime he would find a new egg, he would tighten up his entire body and let out this high-pitched giggle that just made my day. He would have to stop every now and then to crack one open and see what kind of candy was inside. We finally left around one, as I had to be at work at two to help the boy who was there open, because he doesn't know how to open. I wasn't in that great of a mood when I got there, and I was in an even worse mood when I left. My boss, who also happens to be my best friend since 7th grade forgot to mention to me that we had a 9ft party sub going out 30 minutes after open. For me, a party sub of that length takes at least 45 minutes to an hour to make, and I finally got done with my part of the opening duties at 2:30. You do the math. It didn't help that the customer showed up 30 minutes early to pick it up, so he had to wait because I wasn't done with it. I was just a little disappointed, because had I known, I could have been a bit more prepared. I could have come in just a few minutes early to help with a little offset of time. And then tonight - couldn't find my camera, didn't feel all that great, and learned I have to go in to work early and probably won't get out until later than I'm supposed to - which does not thrill me at all. I guess hopefully I will be over it in the morning.

Here are some pictures from this afternoon:

And here are yet a couple more from when Isaac asked me to take pictures of his "funny faces":

The kid is so comical when he wants to be. And he picks up on things so easily. He picked this up from Yo Gabba Gabba. (Side note: If you'll notice in my "When I Became Your Mother" layout, I've lost my mind to this show. It's hiding somewhere in Foofa's flowers or something, because they clearly have it. I can't even watch the show with him because it leaves me braindead for hours. True story.) At two, he can already count to 10 (15 if he really wants to), and he can recognize some of his colors. ABC's are a little challenging, but he knows almost every animal and will point them out if he sees them in the little packages of embellishments if we go to Hobby Lobby. This kid sometimes knows things even I don't know or recognize. He has the best eyes and ears I've ever seen. He can hear a train from literally, a mile away, even when us old fogeys hear nothing. I keep telling my husband that he will come home one day and tell us he wants to go to an Ivy League school. And that will be the day my scrapbooking hobby ends because there will be NO extra money lol.

I guess I'd better head off to bed, but I want to do a little bit of name-dropping before I go. First, Tiffany (InspiredbyDominic) is having a 25% off sale in both of her stores. Her kits are so fabulous, she has to be one of my favorite designers ever. I'm on her CT, and I have talked to her almost every day for about a week. She is a fantastic person, she has helped me so much with all this scary stuff with just starting off designing, and I've seen some of her new stuff coming out and it's just fantastic. You need to go pick up something of hers that you like, because this sale will only last from the 13th to the 19th. Go to her blog for more details.

Tiff's Blog

I also almost forgot to tell you that I'm uploading Easter pictures and others to my Webshots album. I will eventually put the link in the sidebar, but for now, here it is.

My Webshots

I will get to bed now. I will probably blog tomorrow again. Have a good night. Hope everyone else had a great Easter!


New kit just in time for Easter!

I worked all day and almost all night....lol! It doesn't have all the elements I wish I could have put in, but I had to stop myself at some point. I think the next kit I work on will either be something related to May Day or maybe NSD on the second. I will surely put out a new freebie on NSD. I think I will try to make it considerably larger than all the kits I've made thusfar.

Hubby just zonked out on the couch so I had better post this and get him and myself to bed. I stayed up to chat with the girls from K-Joi over in the Cheeky Chat, since usually I have to be in bed too early to join the chat. Quite a bit of fun.

Okay here is the preview:

Click to download Bunny Trail

I changed up my preview, I think it looks a lot better. I could have arranged my preview better though lol. Bunny Trail has 2 patterned papers in green and pink, 3 cardstock pages with torn edges, and 1 basket-weaved textured paper. Very realistic looking! 13 elements include 4 bright "plastic" eyelets, 4 egg shapes (which would look lovely stitched to a page), 4 foam flowers, and 1 silver staple. I wanted to include a ribbon and ribbon frame, but alas, looking at all those bright colors almost made me stir-crazy lol!

Tomorrow I will be working on quickpages that I'm doing for K-Joi's NSD celebration on May 2. If you have time you should come by and check us out! They will have lots of fun stuff planned for the day stocked with prizes and beautiful kits in the shop!

Good night everyone and hope everyone has a fabulous Easter! Take lots of pictures! Oh and I will be sure to share any pictures I get!


Here it is!

I'm very proud to present... my first freebie kit!

I'm very excited about it, there are no stray pixels to it now, the files are all in the right format, and for only just starting out, I'm satisfied with it. Tonight I plan to work on some much past due layouts, but I already have ideas for my next project. But this time, I'm going to spend more time on it and do some much needed perfections. I MAY attempt to put something out by Easter, but I won't make any promises. I'll probably work on that tomorrow if I decide to and try to have it out by Sunday or Monday. I know everybody will be wanting to start scrapping those adorable Easter pictures!

First here's the preview:
Download here: New Beginnings

I did have a completely transparent preview but I just decided it was way too big to waste time on. For my next preview I will be changing things because this type of preview just did not work out. Way too small lol. I like to make large kits and there's no way to fit all those elements in that small space. This kit is one I submitted to the April Color Challenge at K-Joi, and we were given the color pallete to work with, which is included in the zip just in case you want to use the colors in any layout you make or make your own elements with the colors. I called it New Beginnings for different reasons - 1. The colors really reminded me of spring, new flowers, and Easter and May Day, which people always refer to as the "new beginnings of life" and such. Therefore, New Beginnings. 2. It's a new "chapter" in my life; I've dreamed of designing from day one that I found my first freebie element online and began digital scrapbooking. I have a lot to learn, but as the chapter moves on, I will get better with more practice.

Enough of that. I just have to rant a little bit about my day. I had THE worst day at work. As much as people don't want to believe it, working at a fast food restaurant is one of the worst jobs ever. It's not EASY by any means. Companies are so money-hungry these days that they have unrealistic pictures of what a fast food restaurant should be like. Customers also have unrealistic expectations. We are people too. We have bad days - if you're anything like me, you have REALLY bad days.

Anyway enough of that. I'm going to go make something of my day and do a little work. Hope you enjoy the freebie!


Well it's a start...

My first share-able kit is - well, was - finished and all zipped up, but I was told by wonderful Tiffany that I have a few stray pixels. It's a really easy thing to fix, but it won't be ready until the evening because unfortunately, I work late tomorrow. So I thought you guys would be able to see my first creation tonight, but I'd rather you have a quality kit a day later than have a kit before it's cleaned up and ready to be used. It's just because I care. :) So that should be up tomorrow night, barring anymore issues.

Today was different, to say the least. I worked 10-2, which is a shift I'm not used to working. Usually I work 11-2 or 10-1, I mean it's only an hour difference but that hour kinda screws with your head when you're used to a set schedule. My days off have changed this week so that's messing me up too. It doesn't help that Heath is normally gone for work by 3 or 4, but today he worked 6-1. It was weird having him leave for work, thinking he was almost 2 hours late. And it's kind of weird not having him be home by now. It left me with a pretty easy day though, because Isaac ran off to watch TV in the bedroom for most of the time. He had an accident and spilled a whole glass of apple juice on my bedroom carpet, but that was actually quite comical. He has a toy cup that has holes in the bottom of it, and he likes to pour and repour, like most kids probably do. You can just put the pieces together on that one. Poor kid apologized 15 times for it cause when I went in there I yelled at him. Then I realized how little of a thing it was in the grand scheme. I got him cleaned up then we played a bit. He's actually not feeling too good today, I think he's having problem with his allergies. :( So I fixed him supper around 8 and gave him medicine and he went right to sleep. At least it's not the flu again.

I need to get to work on some more CT layouts, usually I have all mine done by now. :) If I get anything done tonight you'll see them in my sidebar. Good night everyone! Promise to try to have that freebie out to you tomorrow night!


New blog up and running

I got tired of Wordpress and decided to switch over to Blogger. The ultimate deciding factor was my decision to get into designing digital kits hopefully to eventually sell and make a little extra money, and the inability to post images in a blog post on Wordpress. If I'm going to offer freebies, or advertise my kits, my blog readers will want to see them right?

That's all for tonight. It's 2:45AM and I am foreshadowing being late for work at 10 tomorrow, so I'm wrapping this up and getting out of here. More tomorrow!