No freebies today...

No freebies today for you guys. I am working on it though. I take considerably longer to make things than most designers I know. Tiffany can whip out a kit in like 2-3 days flat - I take 1-2 weeks...and that's if I'm in a hurry. :D

I wanted to let you guys know that it's time for a makeover. I've already made over my preview style and found something I like (for now, that is lol) so it's time to makeover my blog and make some blinkies to advertise myself and my blog. I'm starting to get really serious about this designing thing...starting to purchase programs I should have purchased ages ago. I'm wanting to improve my skills, get into a shop within a year or two, and get a fanbase. If anybody has any suggestions, email me (find my email in the sidebar) and I will take them into consideration! So I wanted to let you know that the blog may be a mess while I get things in order - if it takes me 2 weeks or more to make a kit, imagine how long it will take me to makeover my blog. :D


I just realized...

that I am a complete ditz who forgot to give you the link to the quickpage I made last night!

I am so sorry. Here it is.

If it's any compensation, I feel like a total dweeb lol. Here is the preview for those of you coming from a search engine.
So very sorry about that lol.

Nothing for you tonight, I'm taking a break from digi-scrapping. Hoping to do some paper layouts tonight. Hope you all have a good night!


IBDD QP 2 - Little Party Animal

Here's another QP for all of you...this one was made with Tiff's Little Party Animal, a collab with Heavenly Scraps. This QP does NOT include HS's part of the collab because I haven't gotten permission from her yet to do any QP's with her work. So here is what you guys get...I like the result!I didn't do a layout with it yet because I put it together just before I started the last Speed Scrap for CTAW...and I was almost late to that! But you guys can see the gist of what pictures will look like in it!

I probably won't have anything for you tomorrow, but I will try to have something in the next few days or so. Also, I should note for everybody - all my links expire in two weeks at ADrive, and I don't reshare them. If you see a freebie that you can't get because it's expired, I'll put my email address in the sidebar along with a reminder of the expiration. Email me and I'll be happy to reactivate it and send you the link.

Tonight, since CTAW is over and I'm all scrapped out (check out my Picasa slideshow in the sidebar - I've done at least a layout a day, maybe more!) I'm going to continue working on the Father's day kit. I have to work early in the morning too, so I probably won't get much done.

Hope you all have a good night and enjoy your free QP - and remember to please follow Tiff's TOU, which I have included with the zip. Good night!


Freebie QP!

I have a freebie QP for you folks tonight! I used Inspired By Dominic Design's kit, Ice Cream Shoppe, to make this QP. The kit only had enough elements really for one QP, but I promise more QP's with different kits will follow in later days and weeks. I just love making QP's for you guys!

Here is the preview:

And you can go HERE to download it.

That's all for tonight. I will be attending the speed scrap for CTAW tonight in less than 20 minutes, it's hosted at the Scrapable.net chat room so if you'd like hop on over and check it out!

Oh and also, I've been adding lots of layouts to my slideshow lately, so go on over and check them out too!



Remember how I told you all about CT Appreciation Week? Well, I'm having a blast! There's a speed scrap every day (of which tonight was my first, because of work and all that) and really fun challenges. You'll see all my new layouts if you click on the images underneath "layouts" in the sidebar. Some are made with the CTAW Kit, My CT Rocks! And this kit ROCKS! It is huge and it is very expensive, but we got it for free for all the hard work we do. I don't consider it hard work - it's a blast!

Also, I wanted to tell everyone that my cat, Calico, just had her first litter of kittens! (And probably her last!) They are so adorable! Will post pictures when I get my printer to accept my SD card!

That's all for tonight, off to try to do some paper scrapping. I will try to have a freebie for you all tomorrow night. Good night!


Mother's Day part 2 - Papers

Hello everyone, hope you're all having a good night so far!

I came home to a wonderful present this afternoon - apparently, even though I didn't know such a thing existed, it's Creative Team Appreciation Week! Over 100 designers are taking part in this, and have made a HUGE - I mean it, HUGE - kit that is free to all us CT members! And Tiffany is one of the designers! Haven't gotten to play with it, but I'm going to get to that in just a few moments!

Speaking of Tiffany, if you've got little kids or boys in the house or just to scrap, you'll want to check out Tiffany's blog in the next few days. She's got some new products coming out - I've seen them, and they're fabulous!!!

About the elements to the kit - I've decided not to release them. They're not up to my standards. But I've got some time this next week since Heath's on vacation, and I've got a few special things in store!

Alright here they are! Hope you enjoy them and I promise to put out something special to make up for the lack of elements to this kit!Download Here


Long time no blog - and a GIFT!

Before I get to the gift...long time no blog from me. I just noticed the last time I blogged was the 11th...last week! I've been busy with working, and I've also been working on something special. More on that at the end of the post.

To update you a little on my Mother's Day I talked about in my last post - it was interesting to say the least! After I posted we opened the oven expecting our pizza to be done, and it was nowhere near! We've been having problems with our oven that we haven't gotten fixed yet, so we had to take it over to our neighbors, who just happens to be my best friend and boss. Luckily she was understanding and threw it in for us, otherwise we'd have had nothing for dinner that night! But boy, it was a catastrophe when it came out. A combination of a little too much oil on the dough and lots of pepperoni, and it was an over-greasy mess! I barely ate one piece, and I was sick the entire morning after! The popcorn and movie were both good though lol.

Okay, I'll get to the gift now...

Monday I was looking through my files of designs, and I noticed I still had some pieces to the Mother's Day kit that I liked. So I thought, "Why not give it another go?" It's so much better creating without a deadline! So I gave it another go and here's what I came up with...so much better. The first part today will be the paper word art I created. These are little paper strips with sayings and words on them. There's a total of 31, 30 with phrases and words, making sure to include grandma in there, and including "3 Generations" all the way up to "6 Generations"! There is also a blank one so you can customize it any way you like. Like I said, there are phrases to include mothers and grandmothers, so you can scrap those photos of Mother's Day celebrations. The papers and elements are quite vintage looking, so these photos would be perfect for all those old heritage photos. I am going to try to come back tomorrow with a layout to show you all.

Here's the first download - it's very small in size.

Hope you enjoy them! The papers will be tomorrow - as for the elements, I can't promise they will come the day after. As they stand right now, I'm not fond of some of them. But I had to take a break and do something for just me, so I will figure it out and I will have them!

I'm digi-scrapping tonight and I'd like to share a layout I just made.

You can't really see it too well. But it's made from Tiffany's SYTYCD Week 2 kit, "Dated: May". Unfortunately, she didn't make it to round 3. But she says she will be coming out with new stuff soon. Her son's birthday is next weekend, and she has to get stuff ready for that, and her in-laws are visiting as well. I look forward to her new stuff :) Go check out her blog!

I think that's all for me today. I will be back tomorrow night with the papers to the Mother's Day kit and hopefully a layout made with them. I really like these papers! I will also try to figure out what to do with my elements :) Good night!


I've come to a decision...

Boy, that title makes it sound so bad, or at the very least, important huh? lol It's not really. I've decided that I'm not going to do a Mother's Day kit this year. At least not yet. I've tried to work on it and I hate everything I come up with. I'm going to focus on a Father's Day kit for right now. I probably won't be putting out anything until at least the middle of June, I need to find out what works for me, hone my skills, and figure out what I like doing. Plus, my husband's birthday, our anniverysary, and Father's Day are all within a week and a half time frame, so it would be kind of a shame not to put something out then.

So how was everyone's Mother's Day? Mine was nothing special. I had to work and so did hubby so we didn't get a chance to do anything. Today we made up for it. After I got off work we went to get groceries, then came home and changed clothes and went to the mall. We got ice cream, did a little window shopping, Isaac rode the 50 cent rides, and we got our picture sketched at one of those little booth things. I just love those things - it makes for a good cheap family picture for the scrapbook lol. Then we went and we intended to rent a movie and a video game, but we ended up accidentally buying the movie and renting the video game! Don't ask how it happened because we don't even know. We got "What Happens In Vegas" so we'll see how it turns out. Not really a fan of Cameron Diaz or Ashton Kutcher, but I can't say that I hate them either. We'll see. Oh and we're making pizza and popcorn too. It's been a really long time since we've done anything like this so it should be interesting.

Pizza's almost done and I haven't even opened my PSP to scrapbook like hubby wanted me to, so I'm going to cut this off. Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day!


First, some bad news...

Okay well, I lost my creative spark for a bit. Therefore, I have pretty much nothing done on the Mother's Day kit. So it won't be coming out tonight or even tomorrow. Unless a miracle happens. However, I will be working on it sometime tomorrow and into the next week, so it shouldn't take any longer than that.

Some good news, at least for me...my house is clean! lol It was a disaster. I'm embarassed. Horribly. But it's clean now. I'll be working on laundry and the front porch tomorrow - it needs a good cleaning, since the dog gets out there and finds trash and tears it up, and since we use it mostly for storage right now - and probably work on the yard too. I'm going to see if my dad will come over and help me move some things, bring me a gas can with gasoline and help me get the yard mowed and get the "weed-whacker" (as my grandma calls it lol) and take care of the growth by our fence. Ugh! Talk about a full day.

And like I said, my house was horrible, so cleaning it was no easy task. But I did manage to get it all done in about 2.5 hours. Yes, 2.5 hours. Just call me WonderWoman :D . Anyway, to reward myself I'm going to do some paper scrapping like I've been wanting to do for days now. I just have to finish eating and then go outside and move the sprinkler so I don't soak my front yard lol. Which I'd better do now. If I can't paper scrap then I will be digi scrapping so look out for some layouts possibly. Have a good night everyone!


New kit and NSD activities

So how did everyone enjoy their NSD? I personally loved every minute of it (except for the parts where I had to go to work lol). Friday night I participated in 2 speed scraps, both back-to-back. That was interesting! I was still working on one when the other started so I didn't get to start on my second layout until I finished the first one! But I managed to finish them both in time. And Tiffany was a wonderful co-host. It was so much fun.

Speaking of Tiffany, did anybody pick up any of her CU items for sale this weekend? Aren't they fabulous?

Then Saturday me and my mother went to the scrapbook store an hour away for a day trip. That was so much fun. We picked up some great things. Target had way too much new stuff that I didn't have. I spent almost as much there as I did the scrapbook store lol! We ate lunch at Arby's and went shopping. It was just great to get away for a day, from work and being stuck in the house. Even though I did miss some great NSD activities at K-Joi and Inspiration Lane, but it's okay, it was worth it!

I've started working on a new kit, one for Mother's Day, with a much different color scheme. Did anyone notice that the NSD kit looked eerily similar to the Easter kit? I did. So I decided to change it up. I'm working on making this one a little more usable for scrapping all those photos of mother. It's going well, I just have to redo some of the elements I've done so far...they just need that something else.

Well I'm going to go work on that while the kidlet is asleep for the afternoon.


NSD - Pastels and Polka Dots - Part 2

Before I give you the link to part 2 of my NSD Mega Freebie, I want to take this opportunity to promote some things going on this weekend. There's a ton of stuff!!!!

First, Tiffany is having a major sale on some brand spankin' new CU items in some of her stores. She has put out a brand new CU Grab Bag which is totally revealed, and it has some awesome stuff in it. I'm telling you, if I wasn't on her CT, I would totally be picking this up. And the best part...for this weekend only, it's on sale for over - get this - 90% off!!!!! This will never be on sale again for this low of a price, so you need to head over to her blog, check it out, and she will provide you the links for all of the stores it is carried in. If you also scroll down a post, she has another blog train freebie....I picked up all the blog parts today and they are beautiful. What do you have to lose? Freebies and a mega sale on CU items? Just get going!

Also there are a ton of things going on at K-Joi and Inspiration Lane starting tonight. IL has up a ton of challenges, a fun name that kit game, and a designer appreciation challenge. Not to mention the wonderful sales going on in their store. K-Joi's fun starts tonight and to kind of kick things off there is a speed scrap going on tonight hosted by Oase of Panda Bear Designs...the scrap will last one hour and at the end you will have a beautiful layout. It's also a possibility that I will be there helping co-host...I haven't confirmed that yet, but I know I will be there participating. There is also a speed scrap tonight at IL hosted by Shannon of Silly Bean Scraps and who other than Tiffany, and I should be participating in that also. Well, I will participate if I can keep up with both lol. K-Joi's will start at 8PM EST, and IL's at 9pm EST. Come join us, should be exciting!

Also, you should stay logged on to K-Joi all weekend when possible, because the Prize Princess just might catch you doing something good (posting in the forum/gallery, leaving comments, participating in chats, posting to challenges, etc.) and gift you something fabulous!!!

Ok, enough of that, I know you just want your freebie lol...here's part 2. Hope you enjoy and if you make something with it, I'd love to see it!

Download part 2 Here

P.S. Wanted to let you know...I noticed while doing a layout and the preview that the journaling strips are quite small in comparison to everything else. I apologize for that. I have noticed that if you do enlarge them, there isn't a ton of quality loss in them. But if anybody else downloads and has problems with quality loss, let me know either in email to lilplayb0ybunny69@hotmail.com or in a comment on my blog (any post!) and I will gladly redo them and post the link. I apologize for this again, I'm just still getting used to paying attention to how big my elements are in comparison to the papers. And thanks for downloading!