Buy My Store, New Releases, Black Friday Sales!

So....how was everyone's Thanksgiving? Did you gorge yourself with food? I know I did. I was super-stuffed. Thanksgiving in my family is the BEST meal of the year, no joke. Turkey, stuffing, homemade chicken and noodles (the best part, I could deal without all the rest)...I almost didn't fit out the door on the way home. Isaac stuffed himself too - mostly with pumpkin pie! He's a big fan of pumpkin pie. I'm a cherry pie person myself lol.

And how was your Black Friday? What time did you wake up? Did you hit the stores? Any good deals? My parents and Isaac and I skipped the stores and went about an hour away instead - we hit a Target and Walmart and a couple of clothing stores - I had a little bit of money and decided to buy me some new clothes, which I was in such desperate need of. I bought some really comfy jeans, a new sweater, a blouse and an "I love Vampires" hoodie lol. My mom bought me a pair of earrings and a necklace that says "Bite Me" - I looked like a 17-year-old Edward obsessed fan in my New Moon t-shirt the whole time!

This weekend I have some spectacular Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals going on for you.

First, my entire store is 50% off, including CU and New Releases. Here's what New Releases I have for you this weekend:

All these are available in my store here. If you like all the pieces, be sure to check out the bundle (shown above, last image) for a super special deal on all the pieces and save money! (Psst...it's 50% off until Monday too so you save MEGA BUCKS!)

In addition to that, I currently have a limited-time Buy My Store offer going on. You can get ALL my CU/PU items for one very low price.

All you have to do is add the Buy My Store product to you cart, check out, and download the .txt file with information. You don't have to do anything right away. Your unique coupon code will be sent to your email address that you provided at check-out within 24-48 hours (please be patient as it is a holiday weekend). If you don't get an email, the .txt file includes information on how to contact me to get your coupon code.

All my products are S4H/S4O friendly so if you own a S4H business this is a great way to add to your stash!

Your coupon code will be good until 12/31/09 (may be extended at my discretion) and will be valid on any new product released until expiration! It's a major win situtation. I won't do anything like this again soon, so be sure to stock up while you can!

Currently I'm starting to work on New Year's stuff and I have a great surprise kit coming sometime in December or January - it's a collab but I can't tell you with who or what it will be. You won't be disappointed though! I'm also working on some CU Overlays as we speak - I plan to release two packs sometime in December. Not too sure when because I've barely started on them but you'll love them!

Enjoy your holiday weekend - eat plenty of leftovers, have lots of fun with your families, and hope you get some great deals on gifts from your Christmas lists!


Tidal Wave Weekend!

Hello everyone! It's Tidal Wave Weekend on the Island!

Unfortunately, I don't have any new goodies to show you this weekend. I've been crazy busy working on some new stuff for Christmas, and I have some fantastic things lined up before the end of the year - you're going to be thrilled! But you can always go check out the shop and you can find some great brand-new goodies - and they're all 25% off for the weekend! (Image is linked.)

Like I said, I've been crazy busy woking on Christmas stuff here. Not only in digi-scrapping but in real life as well. We started Christmas a little early here in our household, as we put the tree up the other day (I believe Tuesday). All of my beautiful villages are up, our stockings are hung, all the lights are strung...and frankly, I've never seen our house so lit up! It's beautiful. I'd show you the pictures I took the first night but they're not hooked up to my laptop. Maybe I will get some pictures tonight and edit the post with them.

I'm so excited - New Moon opened today! Me and Hubby are going tomorrow at 2PM. Our tickets are already purchased and we're ready to go. I'm hoping no one ruins it for me till then lol. Hopefully I'll come back with a picture at least so I can scrap it.

That's all for me today...remember to go check out all the designers goodies at Scrapable!


CT Inspiration

I wanted to take the time today to give out some wonderful inspiration for you from my fantastic CT. They've done many great layouts to date so I wanted to show you a few of them!

By Nessie:

By Tammy (MsGHD):

By Sue (MumaSue):

You all are fantastic! Keep up the GREAT work!


Wipe Out Wednesday!

It's Wipe Out Wednesday again! That means the designers have a whole selection of goodies for you for only $1!

Check out what I have for Wipe Out Wednesday this week!

These are my very newest releases, for only $1 each! Go snag both today before they revert back to regular price! (Wipe Out ad is linked to Wipe Out category in shop!)

Do you like coupons? Do you like coupons from all your favorite designers? You should go check out Digi Scrap Save. Sign up for their newsletter (in the sidebar, right above the followers) and each month you will receive a catalog full to the brim of coupon savings from all your favorite designers.

And remember, I still have my closing shop sale going on at K-Joi Studios and Scraps With A Mouse. You can save 50% off all my items. Some items will be retired and will never see the light of day again!


Birthday Sale, $1 Deals, and a Free With Purchase!

Hello everyone! Here today to tell you about my special sale going on this weekend!

It's Isaac's 3rd birthday on Saturday (with his special pirate party on Sunday, arrgh!) and I wanted to celebrate, so I'm passing the celebration on to you. From November 13 through the 15th, everything in my shop is marked down in some way.

Here's what you can go grab in my shop for only $1 (only this weekend!):

All my new releases are 25% off this weekend, and I have some awesome ones for you this Tidal Wave Weekend! Check them out:

All the rest of my products are 30% off in celebration of Isaac's 3rd Birthday! There are some awesome savings to be had in my shop this weekend and this weekend only. For all those of you who missed out the fantastic DSD sales here is your chance to still get some awesome goodies and snag some savings!

Oh and before I go, I forgot to mention:

When you spend at least $5 in my shop, my full kit Get This Party Started (a $7 Value) will be added to your cart - for FREE!

And how easy is it to spend $5 with my new releases, $1 Deals, and 30% my entire shop (except new releases)? Pretty easy! You can pick up lots of goodies for a little over $5!

So what are you waiting for? The birthday ad image above is linked to my shop at Scrapable, so stop on by and check out my shop and grab some goodies!

Oh and birthday wishes for my Isaac are always welcome. ;) I will come back hopefully Sunday night with some pictures!


Wipe Out Wednesday at Scrapable!

Don't forget that today is Wipe Out Wednesday at Scrapable! Pop on in and you can grab some great deals from some of the Scrapable designers for only $1!

Here's what you can get for only $1 each from me:

Make sure to stop by soon, these deals only last for one day!

For anyone who missed the fabulous DSD sales, you're in luck! This weekend is my son's birthday, and he'll be turning 3! My baby's growing up so fast!

Starting on Friday, I will be having a sale all weekend. You can get a select few of my products for only $1 (products will be selected by me), and all the rest of my products will be 30% off. I will also have a FWP (free with purchase) sale going on, and a couple of new releases at Scrapable, so be sure to check back this weekend!


DSD IS HERE! Sales, New Releases and a Freebie!

Hello everyone! Well DSD is upon us, FINALLY! I've been looking forward to this day since last NSD, I totally didn't want it to end! But this weekend is an excuse to let my hair down and get caught up on a bit of scrapping that I so desperately need. I know that that's probably what you're looking forward to too. And what perfect excuse to do some scrapping and go shopping than a 50% off sale?

You can find links to K-Joi Studios and Scraps With A Mouse in my sidebar under "Stores I Design For" and the image is linked to my store at Scrapable!

Here's a little peek at the new products I'm unveiling this weekend! (Kit will be available tomorrow for Scrapable's DSD celebration and Tidal Wave Weekend!)

And I have a fabulous freebie for you tonight...a couple of designer friends and I got together and decided to do a blog train for Breast Cancer Awareness...it's a little bit late, but we put a lot of hard work into it, and it's a large kit so you can scrap tons of things with it! Here's previews of my parts (not all items are shown - there is also an alpha!)

Here's the link to download! Be sure to pick up all the parts! Download here!

And here are the links to the rest of the stops. Remember, we are all in different time zones so if some portions are not up yet, please check back in a few hours!

Tiffany (Inspiredbydominic Designs) - http://inspiredbydominicdesigns.blogspot.com
Jaya (JayaPrem's Hangout) - http://scraps-by-jayaprem.blogspot.com

Jana (Janarae) - http://mjhdesigns.blogspot.com/
Kate (Kateinoz) - http://kate-palmer.blogspot.com/
Leticia (Pixiemama Designs) - http://pixiemamadesigns.blogspot.com <--You're Here!

Saturday I will come back to update you all on all the fun things happening at Scrapable and K-Joi Studios! Have fun scrapping!!!!


Come visit me at Paradise!

Yep that's right, without further ado, here is my spectacular news!

I have been so excited to share this news for a while but didn't want to spill the beans until it was officially time to. Well that time has come, and my shop is officially open at Scrapable!

There are just a few products up right now, but more will be added in the next few days. We will have some awesome things going on for Digital Scrapbooking Day (yep, that's this weekend!). This will be my first DSD as a designer so I have tried to make it really special! I will have a new release this weekend - it's a HUGE kit and you'll want to celebrate DSD in style!

Also, make sure to check out Scrapable's Wipe Out $1 Wednesday this week!

I have a couple of products up in the Wipe Out category for only $1!!! You'll just have to go check them out, but I guarantee you will be very thankful for the low, low price! ;) Image is linked to Wipe Out category!

I will have more information as it gets closer to DSD about what's going on at Scrapable. I do know that there will be tons of challenges, at least 2 speed scraps every day all weekend long, and the Cabana Girls have donated tons of awesome prizes for the winners. You really don't want to miss it!

Now to the sad news:

Unfortunately, with me moving on to Scrapable, I just won't have time to be in three stores. So I've had to make cutbacks and in the best interest of myself as a designer, I've decided to close down my shops at K-Joi Studios and Scraps With A Mouse and go exclusive to Scrapable.

My loss is your gain though, because until November 30th, when both my shops close for good, you can get my entire store for 50% off! You'll want to check out the deals, because I've decided that some of my older products will NOT be making the move with me to Scrapable. Gotta make room for those new releases! :) Once these products are gone, it is likely they will never come back! So check them out while you can!

You can find my closing shops here at K-Joi Studios and here at Scraps With A Mouse.

Be sure to come back this weekend - I will fill you in on all the details for Scrapable's DSD celebrations, show you the newest release that will make you want to party!, and I might have a freebie for you! Until then...have fun shopping!