Scrappity-Doo-Dah is back!

For those of you who missed your fix - Scrappity-Doo-Dah is back!

We're still not quite sure what went on. On Thursday everyone received an update that read a little something like "The last owner (Keith of UC) is unable to provide services and the company has been bought out by Impact Hosting. We are committed to bringing your sites back online and bringing you your services..." Blah blah blah. (By that time, we were all just a little peeved, sick of hearing excuses, and we were just ready to face what was going on and move to start our stores and sites from scratch again. No joke.)

My theory is that either a) UC went bankrupt and instead of turning everything over to the new company as it was, they shut off the servers and held all our sites hostage so that we wouldn't leave during the transition, or b) it's actually UCWebhost in disguise.

Either way, it doesn't matter because Scrappity-Doo-Dah is back up again. I can't personally promise that there won't be more downtime in the future, as we don't know what this company's intentions are. I also can't say anything about plans at Scrappity-Doo-Dah regarding staying with the company, as I don't know those lol. But downtime, if any, should be minimal.

Now I wish I had some new releases for you - I know it's been a while - and I was going to, but then SDD shut down on me. It didn't go back up until late Thursday night, and by then it was late, I was tired, and knee-deep in plans for the blog. (I won't say anything, my lips are sealed but...it'll be BIG!) So I just didn't have time to set them up in my store. But as long as SDD is still up next week they will be available next week. I also have two wonderful collabs coming your way in the next couple weeks, so be prepared for those!

Keep checking back, because like I said, I have some BIG things coming for you. You'll definitely want to be signed up for my newsletter for it all, because I can't give out dates because I don't know them for sure. It's all just touch and go at this point. But I will say that now, I do expect it to be around June 1st. (Remember that's just an estimate.)

There won't be much to report from now until then, but keep an eye out at the blog.

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