Sneak Peek Extravaganza!

Happy Hump Day everyone!

I always hated that term. Hump Day. I get the reasoning behind it, I just don't feel comfortable saying it. It's just not right. lol

Anyway...I come to you today with a sneak peek extravaganza!

I have not 1, not 2...but THREE sneak peeks for you today!

As you know, I've been very quiet lately, both on the blog and in the store with new releases. I've been having a very big non-activity period, but I promise you, that's coming to an end VERY soon! I have not only a collab with a great designer (who I've collab-ed with before - oooh!) coming out on Friday but another collab with another great designer friend of mine (who I haven't collab-ed with before now - OOH!) coming out on June 1st. I also have some more new releases planned in June - hopefully lots of them!

Onto the sneak peeks!

This first is a collab with one of said designers. Can you guess who it is? The suspense will kill you! This collab will be absolutely sure to win your heart over, especially if you're the parent of a little girl. I don't even have a little girl and it's won my heart over. <3

The second isn't necessarily a release, or anything that will come to my store...but trust me, you'll love it just as much! It will be coming to you on May 28th (hopefully!)...I say hopefully because it's not so much 100% done...maybe hmm...95% done. :D But I've been working on it 12+ hours a day and will be working on it 14+ hours until Friday morning just to bring it to you on May 28th. Well...14+ may be an exaggeration, because feeding and taking care of my son has to occur in there somewhere LOL! But he's been very cooperative in allowing me the time to work, so I'm 99% sure you'll see it coming your way on Friday morning!

This second you will absolutely LOVE...it's for boys and girls alike, and if you have a little nature explorer...this will be a must-have! It's another collab with a designer coming June 1st - to TWO stores! One will be hers and of course mine as well. It's very rare that I do new releases mid-week, but this warrants it! It's just too cute to wait until a Friday!

Now here comes the fun part!!

We're going to play a little guessing game. Your first guess - who am I collab-ing with in the first sneak peek? Your second guess - what am I revealing on Friday morning (sneak peek number 2)? Third guess - who am I collab-ing with in my third sneak peek? Please put them all in ONE post, as you'll only have one chance to win!

I doubt that anyone will get all three right, but I will choose one person randomly on Friday morning when I wake up (which depends on hubby's work schedule, anywhere from 6AM to 10AM lol) and that person will win a $5 GC to my store (good on PU/CU but not on collabs - sorry!)

And you'll want to check back on Friday because you'll have a chance to win your wishlist at SDD (my products only!)...yep, I'm just full of surprises this weekend! lol

Let the guessing begin!


  1. 1. Jaya Prem ?
    2. Add on freebie ?
    3. Armina ?

  2. 1. Jayaprem's Hangout
    2. New blogware for your blog
    3. Sorry, I have no idea.

  3. 1- inspiredbydomini designs
    2- qp and add on freebie
    2- Jaya Prem

  4. 1 - Jaya Prem's Hangout
    2 - New blog background and title
    3 - Kat's creations or someone else from Enchanted studio scraps?

  5. Contest is closed ladies, winner will be chosen and announced on the new blog soon!