SWAM - Blog Train, Grand Opening, and more! *CORRECTION*

Hello all! Good news, I'm feeling much better today - well right now anyway. This morning at work I got sick twice - too much nasty mucus - but I was feeling a little better by lunchtime. Wish I'd eaten something though - I'm starving, don't feel like getting up to cook, and Heath won't be home to bring me a sandwich for another two hours. :( Oh well...I'll have to get up and cook something for Isaac after I post this anyway. :)

Today I bring you a little information about all the good things going on over at Scraps With A Mouse this week. Lots of fun things!

If you haven't been following yet, you should hop on over to the SWAM Blog and check out the blog train going on right now! Today was my day to post, and I posted some beautiful (free!) glitter styles to match the colors of the scheme. And the best part is they are both PU and CU ok! For FREE! You can also pick up all the other designer's portions of the blog train - and be sure to stop back by tomorrow as it's the last day and tomorrow's freebie will be great to kick off the beginning of the Grand Opening!

Speaking of, the GO starts tomorrow! Since I've been sick, I've been pretty out of the loop, so I don't have a lot of info for you. But I do know that you will probably be able to go to the forum tomorrow and find out information. There also may be some things posted on the home page as well. Be sure to check out the store too. I may have a sale in store for you ;)

Oh and definitely be sure to check out the store and look for our first collab kit!

And pst...remember I mentioned something about a speed scrap? ;)

I'm hosting my first ever speed scrap at SWAM on Friday, Sept. 25th at 9PM CST. I got a little confused looking for equivalent times, but I think that would make it 8PM EST. I'm not sure about the others - like I said, I got really confused when searching for times lol.

*CORRECTION* Sorry all, I was informed that 9PM CST is actually 10PM EST! So sorry about that!

Sorry the information is so sporadic - since I've been sick I haven't gotten to check in much, or ask Selena about any info. I'll try to come back tomorrow with more info! :)

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  1. 9 central is 10 eastern

    If the kids go to sleep when they are supposed to, I should be able to be there. I've always wanted to do a speedscrap and never made it to one yet.