SWAM Grand Opening and Freebie Coming Soon!

Hey all!

I don't have much time, I just figured I should really stop by and let you all know that I haven't abandoned my blog lol!

Okay so the short story is this - I've been very sick this weekend. I originally started out thinking I might have the swine flu. I'd talked to a couple of friends of mine and it seemed like they'd had it, and read up on the symptoms on the Internet. So yesterday I went ahead and went to the doctor - I already had antibiotics that I was taking, but Thursday night my TMJ really hit me hard - probably because I had so much pressure in my head going on and I was stressed out thinking I had the swine flu. Anyway so I had to go to get something that would work on my TMJ, and found out at the doctor that I had a sinus infection - thank goodness! So I was given a different antibiotic to take care of that, plus heavy pain meds for the TMJ. I mean heavy. SO...I'm pretty out of it this weekend. Last night I was so dizzy that - well you know that feeling after you ride a ride at the carnival that goes around really fast? That you're still going around and around and it's making you sick? That's how I felt. Only my ride was going REALLY fast lol. I'm better today, I cut the dosage and it's still working for the pain but not with as bad of effects. I should be much better tomorrow, I have to work so I won't be drugged up on pain medications. I'm really going to try to get some stuff done tonight.

Therefore...tomorrow I will be making the big blog post. I will have information on Scraps With A Mouse's big grand opening (yay!), I will have a link to a freebie for all of you, and I will also be putting up information on the speed scrap I'll be hosting later next week! (Mark your calendar - it will be my first speed scrap so it will be great!) Also I will reveal a little information on the next two blog trains I will be participating in - both coming in October! So be sure to check back tomorrow!!!

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