CT Spotlight Week 2 and Freebie!

My apologies for the lateness on Week 2! I intended to put this up first a couple of weeks ago, and then the stuff with Scrapable happened. Then I intended to put this up last night, but I forgot until minutes before I got into bed. I was way too tired to make it happen last night but here it is - finally!

If you need a reminder (and want another freebie!), here's a link to Spotlight Week 1 - Jaya.

And without further ado, I introduce you to one of my first CT members, Sue, aka MumaSue!

Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Hey everyone, my name is Sue. I originally lived in the UK and moved over here to be with my partner. We have a gorgeous little tomboy named Amelia who is so independent and yes she is the main inspiration for my scrapping. I've loved art and design ever since school where I took art and ceramics. Then I gained a diploma in general art and design and moved up to try my hand at jewelry design. After doing a 180 degree turn because my artistic spark was literally crushed I gained a diploma in pharmaceutical science and became a pharmacy technician. But over the years and with the encouragement of my man …. here I am back with one of the loves of my life but going digital this time. It is the age of the puter afterall :)

So how long have you been digital scrapbooking?

Since Oct-Nov 06 … I wanted a way to send more than just photos to my mum in the UK.

Did you ever do any traditional paper scrapbooking? What made you switch? Do you still do any paper scrapbooking?

I put some photos and comments in a folder once about my vacation to Iceland …. does that count? Other than that no I have never paper scraped. I think I'd stick my fingers together and make a worse mess than my daughter.

Do you have any other hobbies?

I love photography even though my talent is not that great LOL.

Also love reading fantasy and Sci-Fi esp if its humorous like the Discworld series or M.Y.T.H. Inc. series. Cooking is great fun especially when shared with my partner and now my daughter is getting to the age where she wants to join in … as long as its not messy LOL, she can be so prissy at times.

What do you find yourself scrapbooking the most - your kids, pets, significant other, family, etc?

Definitely my little girl but I have started a wedding book for my niece and she also loves it when I scrap her little boy.

What couldn't you live without when you make a layout? For example, undo, a certain element, a program, etc?

The blend modes in my graphics software[Paint Shop Pro]. I have found some stunning effects when using those.

Do you gravitate towards any certain color or style when you make a layout?

Not sure if I stick to one style …. I have described my style as a mishmash of several in the past. Probably a little graphic in there as well as freestyle with a touch of traditional and sometimes I like to go grungy or add some glitz and go shabby Chic. Oh yeah a mishmash alright LOL.

Do you do anything on the side, such as designing, designer services, scrap-4-hire? Don't forget to include a link or something so we can pay you a visit!

I have created the odd freebie kit here and there but prefer to make the scrapbook pages. I am thinking of making greeting cards but working out the logistics of it first.

Where's your blog?

It be right here :) http://mumasdelights.blogspot.com/ and I need to post more often, get some LO's in there and get my project 365 off my camera.

Who's your favorite designer (other than Pixiemama)? Give them a plug - include a link to their shop!

Dang just one ….. oh boy. It would have to be Nicole Young, just adore her whimsical style mixed with glitter and glitz. So much fun to play with and you can find her store here ….


Tell us one thing about yourself that very few people know.

I am adopted :) …. I was given up at birth and went to my new family at 12 weeks old.

Tell us one thing about yourself that is unique or weird.

I have no lateral incisors which bring my canines forward much to the amusement of my daughter who likes to think I am a vampire LOL

What's your favorite layout that you've made?

Oh boy this is a tough one …. but I think its one I created very recently for my niece.


Give us a link to a layout of yours that has very few comments so we can leave you a little love.

This one of my niece at her wedding, yes it was non traditional on the wedding side but I still love the kit and the photos. The Kiss …...


Anything else you'd like to add?

Yep :) … Here is a freebie. Don't ya just love freebies?

Isn't she just fabulous? I love having her on my CT, she's always hard at work and her layouts are so fabulous - she's also a big fibber on her photography, it's amazing what she can do with photo effects - I thought she owned a DSLR camera until she told me it's really a point-and-shoot that she spices up with photo effects. She really must give out some tutorials or photo actions/styles for the rest of us!

Okay now on to the freebie. Sue created this cluster frame out of the items in my P365 kit. I apologize to all of you - this is one kit I haven't yet gotten up in my shop yet. It's such a large kit that it will take an entire day to re-QC, re-preview, re-zip, and re-upload. But I have full intentions to get it up in the next couple of weeks, so make sure to check back! But rather than keep you from a freebie so you can sample this great kit, I'm giving it to you today! Here's a preview:

The realistic shadows are included, and the whole thing is a .png file. But it's such a beautiful cluster!

Download Here

Also, don't forget that my sale is still going on, through the entire week and weekend. 35% off my whole store at Scrappity-Doo-Dah! I've got some brand new items up, go check them out!

Have fun with your freebie and have a great day!


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