New - CU Something Old Vol. 1!

Hello all! I think I'm done with the blog right now - if anything is out of place, let me know! I'll have a couple of friends check it but I'm pretty sure that it's finished. I'm getting pretty good at redoing my blog, all in all that took about half a day to do!

I have a good friend coming over tonight to play a little rock band so before she gets here I wanted to show you something new I have in my store today!

Something old, something new...Whether it's old or new, these buttons will add the perfect
touch of antiquity to your next project.

With gorgeous pearl-like centers, shiny gold accents, and intricate patterns, these buttons
will take you right back to those days of playing with your mother's or grandmother's
sewing notions. Included are 24 buttons, scanned and extracted by myself. They are in
their original colors only, and may be included in any project as-is. They are shown in
their original sizes, with no drop shadows included.

These buttons are just gorgeous. I've found myself going to them over and over the past couple weeks just to add something girly and cute to items! These buttons aren't just good for heritage kits and layouts - they're perfect for girly kits and layouts as well. I'm sure you could find multiple uses for these buttons.

The best part is, until tomorrow night, they're included in my 30% off sale at Scrappity-Doo-Dah - only until tomorrow night, so head there fast!

Also I promised you a sneak peek of a new collab so a sneak peek is what you're going to get!

This is a fabulous, girly, jam-packed collab with a wonderful designer (hint: she's on my CT!). We haven't set a release date just yet, but it will be very soon. And it will be twice as fabulous because a good designer friend of ours will be releasing a kit at the same time that matches perfectly with this one. You definitely won't want to miss it.

I know I said "CT Inspiration" but with said friend coming over any minute now and it almost being dinner time, I have to run. But I will try to come back tomorrow and show you some of their spectacular layouts - at the latest, Wednesday! Did you realize that Week 3 of the CT Spotlight is coming up on Wednesday? Mark your calendars, I have a wonderful Q&A and another freebie from one of my excellent CT members!

Gotta run! Happy scrapping everyone!

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