Day at the lake and huge thunderstorms

Today, Heath, Isaac and I went and spent a fabulous early-afternoon at the lake. Since Tuesday we have been trying to get out to the lake to do a little fishing, since today was Heath's 23rd birthday, and since Tuesday horrid thunderstorms have been getting in our way. Tuesday we went out to the lake outside town and literally five minutes after we sat down we heard thunder rolling. Isaac and I had to take shelter under a tree while Heath pulled the car around to the other side of the lake to come get us and the supplies. That night we had 70+ mph winds and quarter-sized hail, but we were lucky that we didn't hit any of that coming back into town, except the torrential rain. Wednesday we tried it again, but again, 5 minutes after sitting down the sky began to get dark and we could see lightning in the distance, so we high-tailed it out of there - but not before I got some shots of the looming storm in the sky. (Just so you know, the pictures don't do it justice - it was dangerous-looking, but so beautiful!) Thursday was the same way, except we didn't even have a chance to get out there since Heath and I both worked. But we did sit down to watch Twilight (I've never seen it!) after Heath got off at work, we started it around 2am, and by 3am (just when it was getting good) our power got knocked out. Shortly after there was more hail - oh, it was horrible. We couldn't even hear ourselves talking to each other because the hail and rain was so heavy. Lights didn't come back on until at least after 4am - Isaac was woken up by the lightning and we all three fell asleep on the couch. I do remember Heath waking me up around 5 or 6 to go lay in bed, and the power was back on by then. We slept in, of course, and decided around noon that it may be a good idea to head out to the lake before Heath had to go to work and before it decided to rain on us again - lol! Luckily the weather stayed nice and we had a beautiful couple hours out there before we had to come back so Heath could head off to work. I got some fantastic pictures for a birthday layout for Heath, and some great close-ups of Isaac as well. Now I only wish I could put them up for everyone to see! My card is not wanting to read in my reader and I haven't gotten up to find my cord for it yet. Hopefully Isaac will stay asleep just a little longer so I have a chance to do one layout. I would really love to scrap some of these photos.

That's really all I have for today. I've entered myself in The Next Best Thing contest at Digital Scrap Ink and will find out the results for that tomorrow, whether I'm moving on to the next round and what the next challenge will be. Tiffany has also entered, it would be fantastic if you could stop by and show us both a little love, and if you like, download our mini-kits (they're free!)...Next week will be a busy week, if I make it to the next round I will have another kit to do by Thursday, and our 3rd anniversary is this Wednesday so we have decided to take supplies for a picnic lunch to the lake on Wednesday and our fishing supplies, since we both have the day off. I may even buy a day license to do a little fishing myself, and hopefully we'll catch us some fish! And I will be sure to take pictures. I probably won't post again until after Wednesday, it will be a busy week like I said but I may pop in to update you on whether I make it to the next round. Have a great day everyone!

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