Fourth of July sale!

Happy weekend everyone! Well, we're officially a week away from July 4th. I've already started seeing the posters and radio ads fly up for fireworks...it really gets me excited. I just love Fourth of July...not too big of a fan of fireworks, lol, but I just love the look of them and going to the city fireworks show is always exciting for me. Hopefully this year, we can find a good place with good view of the fireworks. I found out last year that my camera takes pretty decent shots of fireworks, so I'm pretty excited to get some.

Since I love the BBQ's and the fireworks and all that so much, I'm having a sale. 25% off my entire store - which makes some of my items only $0.75. If you missed my Daditude QP when it was a freebie at KJoi, you can now pick it up for only $0.75, as well as some other Daditude items if you don't have the whole collection. If you're more interested in the whole thing, my Daditude bundle is only $3.50 with this sale! You can also pick up Love By The Lakeside, my newest kit, for only $3.50 as well. And while you're there, you can pick up the word art to match Love By The Lakeside for only $0.75.

We hear whether we go to the next round of DSI's The Next Best Thing very soon. In less than an hour, I believe. I'm so nervous. I had a whole kit planned, the idea was fantastic, and then at the eleventh hour the entire idea just caved on me. The items that I was planning to extract wouldn't scan or photograph at good enough quality and I just didn't have time to mess around with them, but they were what made the kit so charming, so I had to start over with a different theme. I'm disappointed, but that's the way life goes right? So hopefully what I came up with is good enough to make it. I'll let you guys know.

Well I have a ton of things on my to-do list today and some really need to get done before 4:00 (5 hours away!) including cleaning, so I better go and get started! I'll have a few new things coming out very soon, including a blog train scheduled to take off on the 1st, my first blog train!

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