New kit and a freebie!

Okay, finally I have a freebie for all of you lol! I've been so busy with the Next Best Thing contest and working on this new kit to put up in the shop that I haven't even had time to scrap! I know, what a catastrophe!

I have a new kit up in the shop today, it is called Love by the Lakeside and it is inspired by one of my favorite movies since high school, A Walk to Remember. The color scheme is directly taken from some of my favorite stills in the movie. It captures the romance and beauty that is a night by the lake with your significant other or other loved one. I've included the rich colors of one of the characters clothing, the beautiful deep and light greens of the greenery, and the burgundy color in the sunset. This kit is huge and contains 12 highly-textured papers (some of the overlays used are Tiffany's!), 38 elements including scalloped frames, roses, tags, and bows, and a full glittered alpha as well! It's well worth the bargain of $5.00 if you ask me!

I have also put up a set of 5 word art in the shop to match the kit as well. These word art are all created at 300 PPI and in .png format, and would be perfect as titles for all your wedding, Valentine's Day, and other romantic event layouts. They are only $1.00 and not included in the kit!

And last but not least, I have created a freebie for all of my customers so you can preview a little bit of the kit yourself. I have made a frame cluster using some of the elements in the kit.

You can go to my storefront right here to download the freebie and check out all of my other products.

Our anniversary was definitely eventful. It was fun, but sort of disastrous in a way. But aren't plans always that way? lol By the time we got out to the lake the heat had all but spoiled our picnic lunch, so that wasn't very good. Then about 45 minutes after sitting down we had to gather everything back up to go into town to buy sunscreen because Isaac was starting to burn. When we got back everything good was taken so we had to go to a different lake. We found shade but Heath and I fished a little on the bridge...by the time 20-30 minutes was passed, I was sick from the heat and pain medicine mixed together for my TMJ (I know, not the brightest idea!). So we left and then Heath and I got into an argument about going to the mall vs. going somewhere else - there's way more to it than that but why hash it up on a blog. We finally worked it out and went to the mall to walk around in the air-conditioning for a little while. Met up with my mom, purchased the best shirt for my father for Father's Day, and then we left to go home and get ready to drop Isaac off with my mom and go to dinner. By the time we got to dinner I noticed I had a horrendous sunburn that hurt pretty bad. It got worse through dinner and all through the night - dinner was uncomfortable for me, and after we picked up Isaac we came home and laid in bed. That was uncomfortable. I couldn't sleep on my back all night. Still can't and it's been two days!

So while it was fun, it could have been done smarter...more ice in the cooler and lots of sunscreen!!!

So that was my anniversary. Not exactly what I wanted it to be but special all the same. Hopefully I'll be back in the next few days with another freebie or some layouts to show you with Love by the Lakeside. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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