My secret's out!...

That's right! I've opened up a new (MY FIRST!) shop! I can't tell everybody how incredibly excited I am to be in such a wonderful store. I've been a member at K-Joi now for about 1.5 years (if I remember right) and have been on the CT for probably approximately half of that time. The designers are all amazing - their designs are amazing, and they as people are amazing. They are always willing to answer a question, do a favor, or help you out in almost any way. If you post an ISO, there's almost always someone who has what you're looking for, knows where to find it, or is willing to make it. When you need a shoulder to lean on, they are there. When you have an announcement, they are just as excited for you as you are for yourself. All of them deserve so much praise for what they do, and all of their wonderful designs, layouts, and all that they do to make K-Joi what it is. Kara, the owner, works so hard to maintain a wonderful, customer-friendly store. If there's ever a problem she's there ASAP to resolve it and remedy it beyond what a lot of stores may do. And boy when I say she works hard, she really works hard - it really must be a full-time job to do what she does!

Please, please, please...even if you don't stop by my store, please do stop by some of the other designer's stores and take a look at their designs. Tiffany designs over there also, so this may be your chance to pick up some of her stuff as well. You're also more than welcome to join the forum, we are an incredibly friendly, DRAMA-FREE group of people! While you're there you can sign up for the newsletter to see our great deals and any sales we have going on (I may be having a sale coming up sometime this month, maybe even more than one!), and there's also tutorials in some newsletters, featured layouts/designers/members, and a special freebie in each newsletter that you can only get in the newsletter. There are also coupon codes in each one.

Here is the link to go directly to K-Joi's storefront. Navigation is very easy, so if you're looking for the shop or forum or even the blog, it's easily spotted. If you're only interested in my designs, you can go here, but I do urge to check out all the other fabulous designers and things K-Joi has to offer.

And don't worry, I will still offer the occassional freebie. I have noticed that everybody seems to enjoy the QP's from Tiff's kits, so I will try to put those out when I can. I will also be making QP's from some of my work when I have the time. Also, I will be putting up blinkies for you to snag soon, and if I catch you wearing my blinkie in any of the forums I participate in, you may be RAK'd! I want to thank all of you for supporting me by downloading my freebie kits, even when they weren't so fabulous lol! I will also be redesigning some of these kits now that I'm in a store and my skill level and knowledge is a bit better. If you'll notice, all my products in the store all newly revealed...they have never been offered as a freebie before. And I have a special deal on the whole Father's Day collection, which I titled Daditude.

I will leave you to roaming the shop now and come back with more stuff later, must go get some fresh air now! It is incredibly hot in this house of mine!! Again, thank you to all my wonderful blog readers and I hope you take advantage of any of my deals, and enjoy them! Coupon expires Tuesday night at 11:59PM.

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