Bad Blogger!

That's me scolding myself for being such a horrible blogger. It's been over a week since my last post, so I guess it's time to get to posting something. I've got a lot of things on the agenda for September, so this may be a long post. You've been warned!

So all weekend, I've been a busy little bee. I've been working on a new kit which is almost done, I've got a couple of elements left, and I plan on doing an alpha, but I have to get a couple of things scanned in first. I've been holding off on finishing it, because last week my wonderful daddy ordered me a new scanner off Ebay for an early birthday present (my birthday is in January) and I've been waiting for it to come in. Well it came in today! I was so excited. I haven't gotten it hooked up yet, because I have family in town from Colorado all weekend - my uncle Gary came into town, they've been re-siding my grandmother's house all weekend long, so I've had my laptop down there finishing up the new kit. I think you all are going to like this one, it's done in a style unlike any of my other kits and I finally found a style that I really love. I love lots of grunge and rustic style anyway, so I really hope you guys like this one. I'll also hopefully have a freebie, my first CU freebie, to give away along with it. But it won't be coming for a few days, maybe closer to a week, so keep checking back.

Since family's been in town, I've been away nearly all weekend. Internet connection isn't the greatest down at my grandmother's, my dad has Internet right next door, but it doesn't reach very far so I'm constantly on "Very Low" connection. It's okay though, because it's given me more time to get my kit worked on (since I'm not chatting or procrastinating by perusing the wonders of the 'Net lol)...I've still had to run around chasing Isaac though, even more so actually, so I haven't accomplished much.

I've had one person email me about joining the CT, and I've also contacted two people I know from some forums to join my CT, so I will be announcing them soon. I need to get some pictures from them and then I will put them in my sidebar. I've also contacted a couple people who were willing to guest for a while and maybe become permanent, so we will see how that goes. I'm still looking for a couple of members though, so if you're interested, please email me at pixiemamadesigns@hotmail.com. I have very low requirements - one kit a month minimum, and one layout per kit minimum, so if you're looking for a CT but don't have time for a lot of commitment, please contact me! I'm also looking for some people to do some freebie quickpages or frame clusters for the blog, since I just don't have much time anymore, and also I'm hoping to add some challenges and contests to my blog very soon, so I need some members to help out with that! If you're interested, you can always reach me at the email address above, and I respond fairly quickly (except this weekend where I may not be able to lol). I respond to most emails within 24 hours!

I also have an announcement, and I think you guys will really love this one! To really test my skills and to get some more exposure, I've entered the designer contest at Stone Accents Studio. (It's not like my fellow designers at K-Joi Studios roped me into it either ;) lol) The contest runs all month and new kits will be released on random days during each week, so I'll have tons of new freebies coming in September! (Hopefully, this makes up for the lack of freebies I've had lately!) The contest starts on September 1st and the first entry is due by the 6th, so check back sometime during the week or on Saturday for the first freebie kit, it will be a mini of course but if I know myself, I'll get totally carried away and add too much stuff to it lol. But the blog will be the second place I post it, other than SAS! Also you can go and sign up at SAS so you can be in the know during the contest. The ladies are just great there.

I guess I'd better get my butt up and hook up my scanner so that I can get this kit finished. I definitely won't finish it tonight but I can at least get my stuff scanned so I can do some extractions tomorrow at my grandmother's - maybe, if Isaac will hogtie himself long enough for me to focus on even that. I'll be back soon with the freebie from the contest, maybe a sneak peek at the new kit, and hopefully by the time the freebie from the contest comes out I'll have a new kit! Have a good night everyone!

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