Brand New - CU Plaid Overlays!

Hey everyone! Wow, I think it's been a long time since I've actually made a post about a new release on the actual day that it released! lol Life gets kinda crazy around here, I'm telling you. My husband has been working like crazy trying to get this new job, he really wants this, and I've been working to prepare for if he does get the job, because if he does we'll be taking an extended vacation. It's not too far away, only two and a half hours, but it will take us away for three weeks at the least. It's kind of hard when you work at home and have 1 dog, 2 cats, and 5 kittens (take them, somebody, anybody, please?!) to take care of. Luckily I have lots of family around town that are willing to help take care of them for those three weeks when they can, and my hubby and dad are trying to find any means necessary to allow me to bring work with me. My laptop kicked the bucket, the power cord is shot and we just don't think we have time to get a new one ordered. My aunt gave me an old laptop of hers that is pretty new and nice, but we can't find the power cord and the LCD screen is busted. We may have to rush order a new power cord and just hook up the flat-screen desktop monitor to that one in order to make this work. It's better than the alternative - hubby suggested taking the whole desktop with us, tower and all. lol No freaking way, not unless that's my last resort.

Anyway...guess I'm in a blabbing mood today lol. On to the new release!

Are you looking for just the right kind of plaid pattern for your next kit? So was I, and I just could never find exactly what I wanted. So I created some! lol I just love these overlays. They blend extremely well with almost any color.

Plaid is back "in" and very fashionable these days. A lot of the cutest fashions you will find are made out of plaid. It is such a versatile pattern - men and women alike love wearing it, it looks good with almost anything, and it's comfortable, casual, and laid-back. The same goes for using plaid papers and patterns in your digital kits or layouts. These plaid overlays will help you achieve the look of plaid in your projects, and can be used for nearly any kind of kit or layout - masculine, feminine, whatever!

Included are 6 overlays in flattened .png format, greyscaled only. The example papers shown are to show you how these overlays look only, and they are not included. There are 3 patterns which are diagonal in nature, and 3 which are horizontal/vertical. Each one is unique, and 12x12, 300ppi.

They are (obviously) good for Commercial Use, but also good for PU/S4H/S4O. These would be good if you have a solid paper in a kit that you really love, but you just want a light pattern to it. I've used these overlays myself (in a couple of new things, actually - look for them in about 2 weeks!) and they pick up texture and color really well.

The image above is linked to where you can find them in my shop. Also, for my blog readers, I've set up a special coupon, good for this weekend only!

Using the coupon code PNB_1Off you can get $1 off the purchase of the Plaid's Not Bad Vol. 1 overlays. This coupon is not good with any other product and will only be valid until Sunday night, so hurry and grab them while you can!

Also while you're shopping, keep in mind that today is the last day for all the $1 Tweets at Scrappity-Doo-Dah. There are some fabulous deals in there! Some designers have put some of their kits in the $1 Tweets section, and they are fantastic! You can go here to visit the $1 Tweets section in the store. (Scroll down to yesterday's post to see all my $1 Tweet deals!)

Soon I'll have some great things in store for you. I'm serious, April will be an awesome month with lots of events going on. You may want to subscribe to my blog or my newsletter to keep up with it all!

That's all from me today - remember to sign up for that newsletter, you won't want to miss all that's going on in April!

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