CT Spotlight Week 4

Hello everyone! Sorry I'm a bit late with the CT Spotlight this week. I'm a bit late with everything this week lol. We had to take a very unexpected trip out of town this last weekend. Heath had to go for a job interview a couple of hours away and we decided that instead of just heading down there for the interview and coming back, that it would be worth the extra gas money to go visit my in-laws, since they live so close. So we made it a weekend trip to stay with my in-laws and we had a great time. Heath had a very good interview and it looks like he'll be getting a new job. The new job might take me out of town for an extended period of time (3 weeks) and I'm not sure what I'll do with my designing in that time, but I'm going to try to take my work with me. I'll keep you all posted on that as I get more information.

This week I am spotlighting Brooklyn. Brooklyn is a very sweet girl, she's my youngest CT member at only 12 years old and she's amazing! Learn more about her:

Tell me a little bit about yourself.
My name Is Brooklyn I am 12 years old and I am on 5 teams including Pixiemama designs. I love to dance and dance 4-5 days a week!! I love cats and we have 2 in the house!

So how long have you been digital scrapbooking?
I have been digi scrapping for about 7 months.

Did you ever do any traditional paper scrapbooking? What made you switch? Do you still do any paper scrapbooking?
Yes. My mom showed it to me and I love it! Not really.

Do you have any other hobbies?
I dance 4-5 days a week.

What do you find yourself scrapbooking the most - your kids, pets, significant other, family, etc?
Well... I scrap my pets, my brother, and myself. : D

What couldn't you live without when you make a layout? For example, undo, a certain element, a program, etc?
I could not live without flowers or CTRL Z.

Do you gravitate towards any certain color or style when you make a layout?
Well, I do love bright colors and pastels.

Do you do anything on the side, such as designing, designer services, scrap-4-hire? Don't forget to include a link or something so we can pay you a visit!
I would love to design a kit but never really have.
I make some templates and QP's but nothing in stores.

Where's your blog?

Who's your favorite designer (other than Pixiemama)? Give them a plug - include a link to their shop!
I love JennCK designs. Here:http://www.inspiration-lane.com/bout...ufacturerid=93

Tell us one thing about yourself that very few people know.
I raise butterflies.

Tell us one thing about yourself that is unique or weird.
I am left handed.

What's your favorite layout that you've made?
well I like this one: http://www.browniescraps.com/gallery...51&ppuser=2065

Give us a link to a layout of yours that has very few comments so we can leave you a little love.
Lets see... this one: http://www.browniescraps.com/gallery...97&ppuser=2065

Anything else you'd like to add?

Nope nothing I can think of.

Today's CT Spotlight is a very short spotlight. I didn't include a photo because frankly - I'm lazy lol. The freebie is also going to be located at Brooklyn's blog this time so go ahead and head on over to download it here!

My first newsletter is going to be sent out shortly with an exclusive freebie inside. You'll miss my first freebie, but I have plans for more exclusive freebies so if you're interested in staying up-to-date on all my sales, freebies, newest releases, and special events going on, head on over here to sign up!

Also, my good friend Tiffany is the featured designer over at SDD - go ahead and go over to her thread at SDD and welcome her, she'll have a daily download coming up soon. Just by welcoming her you can earn challenge points good towards a gift certificate to the Scrappity-Doo-Dah store!

That's all from me today. I feel like I'm trying to play 52 Pickup just to get caught up - who knew that three days away could set you back so far?! I don't have any new releases that haven't been out for a while, but you can still head on over to my store to check out my items. Also, if you haven't seen it yet, SDD has a freebie with every $10 purchase, "Oops" by Scraps by Jenn. It's adorable so go over and check it out!

I'm trying to continuously put out new releases so keep coming back to keep up-to-date!

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