CT Spotlight, Sneak Peeks, and a Special Coupon!

Hello all!

The Pixiemama CT and I are getting ready for another big celebration this weekend!

First of all I want to let you all know that new products from me may be a bit few and far between for a while. On Friday afternoon I was working on my EHD trying to get it to read on my computer and it broke. I've been having this problem for a while, it will sometimes read and sometimes it will give me problems. I thought it was a problem with the computer but turns out that the small USB plug inside of it was not properly soldered inside or something. We gave it a few wiggles trying to get a connection and the plug just broke clean off. It's now inside my EHD rattling around in there somewhere lol, and I can't even hook it up to anything. None of my stuff is lost, thank goodness, not to my knowledge anyway. Just inaccessible. That includes my preview, all my commercial use items, all my digital kits, all my own personal designs, my pictures...everything. So you can see my issue lol.

However, I'm going to make the best of it until I can send it in and get it back which will hopefully be quickly! I have some of the things I need and other things I can get back as I go along.

I also decided that since I can't access my preview, that it was about time for a change! Tiffany of Inspired by Dominic Designs has made me a wonderful new preview and you will be starting to see the new previews on new and old products in the store starting in May!

Also, the CT and I have decided that it's time to change things up a bit here at the blog. If you were a follower of our CT blog, you'll now notice that it's gone - my CT are all moving over here and making my design blog their new home. With this will come a brand new redesign and many changes here. Look for this to come soon!

I'll get to the freebie and the CT Spotlight soon but first I want to give you all a little sneak peek of what's coming your way on Friday, the start of iNSD weekend!

All my new products will be in Grab Bag form, and they will all be fabulous deals!

And that's all you get until Saturday! I'm such a tease, aren't I? ;)

I'll also be having a sale...but I'll have more about that in a future blog post!

Now...onto the spotlight! This week we are spotlighting Jill.

Tell me a little bit about yourself.
I am a mommy of twin girls, Serenity and Arianna, who just turned two. I am married to a great husband. We just celebrated our fourth anniversary in early April. I am also a teacher at our local public school.

So how long have you been digital scrapbooking?
I have been digital scrapping for about five years but didn't find the "world" of digi-scrapping until two years ago when the twins were born.

Did you ever do any traditional paper scrapbooking? What made you switch? Do you still do any paper scrapbooking?
If you mean the kind with pretty papers, beautiful ribbons, and gorgeous do-dads to dress the page with, then no. If, however, you mean the five dollar "college special" scrapbook (that had "scrapbook" emblazoned on the front of it) that had a bunch of pictures, ticket stubs, napkins, and beer bottle ca
ps (and a few labels) taped into it, topped off with construction paper frames and glitter glue, then yup! I scrapped all through college. When I was out of college, I didn't have time (new teachers are VERY busy) so when I saw a program for scrapbooking on the computer with pretty pictures on the front I was interested. $10 later I was hooked! LOL I scrapped all of Hubby and I's courtship and haven't looked back since. I still will paper scrap (in a much more sophisticated way lol) some pages when I have ticket stubs or other tangible items to add to the book, but it is rare. I have made a few "pages" from wedding invitations as gifts too.

Do you have any other hobbies?
I am currently making hair bows, tutus, and taggy blankets to sell at fairs this summer. I enjoy crafts of all kinds, but I am hoping that this hobby will make enough money to let me buy a wide format printer for digi-scrapping 12x12 pages Lol.

What do you find yourself scrapbooking the most - your kids, pets, significant other, family, etc?

Most of the time my pages are of my kids. But us grown ups get in there from time to time as well.

What couldn't you live without when you make a layout? For example, undo, a certain element, a program, etc?

Hummm.....I definately rely on undo, but the best thing is when I have a ton of great papers to work with. I find they have sooo many uses besides being background!

Do you gravitate towards any certain color or style when you m
ake a layout?
I go for pink and girly when choosing making layouts... girls way outnumber the boys in my household, so I don't have too many masculine items in my stash.

Do you do anything on the side, such as designing, designer services, scrap-4-hire? Don't forget to include a link or something so we can pay you a visit!

I have considered scrap for hire, but haven't pursued it. I have done some brag books as gifts, 8x8 scrapbooks as gifts, and invitations for friends as well.

Where's your blog?

Believe it or not, I don't have one.

Who's your favorite designer (other than Pixiemama)? Give them a plug - include a link to their shop!
I honestly don't have a favorite. I always find a ton of things from lots of different designers that I fall in love with and my stash of kits is very diverse when it comes to designers.

Tell us one thing about yourself that very few people know.
My girls were preemies, born at 27 weeks, weighing only 2lbs 8oz and 1lb 6oz at birth. They spent 106 days in the NICU. That has influenced me a lot and has given me such a great desire to capture every little moment no matter how "small" it may seem.

Tell us one thing about yourself that is unique or weird.

Much to Hubby's dismay...I get motion sick in movies. Not in cars, planes, trains, boats or anything else, just movies. It's so bad that now even the smell of popcorn can make me feel ill.

What's your favorite layout that you've made?
This is one of my favorites: 1. I love the picture of Hubby with the girls...too cute and 2. I was very proud of the composition. I scrap lifted the page from one I had admired very much and was proud to capture what I loved about the original.

Give us a link to a layout of yours that has very few comments so we can leave you a little love.

Anything else you'd like to add?

I love being on Pixiemama's CT and I thank her for allowing me the privilege of working with her and the talented ladies on her team!

Awww thanks so much Jill! Jill has made us a wonderful freebie for her spotlight! It's a template based on one of her layouts using my kit Season Of Love. Grab the freebie by clicking on the image!

Thanks so much for the wonderful template freebie Jill!

I also have a special coupon for you all! I logged in and noticed that this was my 100th post...so to celebrate you all get a coupon! This is only valid until Thursday so hurry if you want to snag it!

Coupon: PMD_100Post
Expires: Thursday, April 29
Good for $2 off a $5 or more order

I'll be back on Friday or Saturday with another freebie and more information on the iNSD sales and products! See you then!


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