Designiversary Celebration Winners!

Hello everyone!

I was very pleasantly surprised by the Designiversary turnout! Every single one of you made my design anniversary very special to me. I thank all of you for all the congratulations you sent. This first year has been absolutely spectacular and I hope that this next year will be just as fantastic!

Okay now on to what you really all care about...the winners!

I did three drawings - we only had entries for the custom styles on my Facebook fan page and the giveaway on Tiffany's blog, so I put all names into the bowl (seperately) and chose a winner that way!

Here are all the entries for the Facebook giveaway, which went first...

I gave my dirty, naughty little boy the job of picking the names. I swear this child can't stay clean for five minutes to save his life. Anyway...

He had to ham it up. (As usual.)

Okay now on to the part you care about...

First drawing (for the Facebook winner)...

Congrats to Christina Smith! She won a set of custom Photoshop styles, up to 10 each of glitter, gradient acrylic, and regular acrylic, for a total of up to 30 styles in her choice of colors. I'll be sure to show you once I finish those for her!

Now on to the second drawing...

Congrats to Mary K, who won off Tiffany's blog! She won a $10 gift certificate to my shop at Scrappity-Doo-Dah!

Because of the fact that I was giving away a lot of stuff and we didn't have quite enough entries to give it all away, I put all the other names back into the bowl for a third drawing. Finally after drawing the same names about a million times (for multiple entries and because they'd won already), I finally drew three names and they all won $5 GC's to my shop! Those winners were...

Toni Johnson, Tolive Forhim, and Christie!

I had so much fun doing the blog hop and I hope you all enjoyed it too! We will definitely have to do this again soon! ;)

To top it all off, because I wish I could have given GC's out to everybody who participated and I just can't, I have a coupon for the rest of you.

Use code Thank_U_Fans at my shop at SDD and receive 40% off your entire order. It's only good until May 1st, but it's good on anything in my shop (except my Girl's Day Out collab with JayaPrem's Hangout), CU included!

I'm out for the day, I got important stuff I have on my to-do list, but Missy and I will be popping in and out this week for blog revamping and I'll be back on Friday with a new release!

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