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So....how was everyone's Thanksgiving? Did you gorge yourself with food? I know I did. I was super-stuffed. Thanksgiving in my family is the BEST meal of the year, no joke. Turkey, stuffing, homemade chicken and noodles (the best part, I could deal without all the rest)...I almost didn't fit out the door on the way home. Isaac stuffed himself too - mostly with pumpkin pie! He's a big fan of pumpkin pie. I'm a cherry pie person myself lol.

And how was your Black Friday? What time did you wake up? Did you hit the stores? Any good deals? My parents and Isaac and I skipped the stores and went about an hour away instead - we hit a Target and Walmart and a couple of clothing stores - I had a little bit of money and decided to buy me some new clothes, which I was in such desperate need of. I bought some really comfy jeans, a new sweater, a blouse and an "I love Vampires" hoodie lol. My mom bought me a pair of earrings and a necklace that says "Bite Me" - I looked like a 17-year-old Edward obsessed fan in my New Moon t-shirt the whole time!

This weekend I have some spectacular Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals going on for you.

First, my entire store is 50% off, including CU and New Releases. Here's what New Releases I have for you this weekend:

All these are available in my store here. If you like all the pieces, be sure to check out the bundle (shown above, last image) for a super special deal on all the pieces and save money! (Psst...it's 50% off until Monday too so you save MEGA BUCKS!)

In addition to that, I currently have a limited-time Buy My Store offer going on. You can get ALL my CU/PU items for one very low price.

All you have to do is add the Buy My Store product to you cart, check out, and download the .txt file with information. You don't have to do anything right away. Your unique coupon code will be sent to your email address that you provided at check-out within 24-48 hours (please be patient as it is a holiday weekend). If you don't get an email, the .txt file includes information on how to contact me to get your coupon code.

All my products are S4H/S4O friendly so if you own a S4H business this is a great way to add to your stash!

Your coupon code will be good until 12/31/09 (may be extended at my discretion) and will be valid on any new product released until expiration! It's a major win situtation. I won't do anything like this again soon, so be sure to stock up while you can!

Currently I'm starting to work on New Year's stuff and I have a great surprise kit coming sometime in December or January - it's a collab but I can't tell you with who or what it will be. You won't be disappointed though! I'm also working on some CU Overlays as we speak - I plan to release two packs sometime in December. Not too sure when because I've barely started on them but you'll love them!

Enjoy your holiday weekend - eat plenty of leftovers, have lots of fun with your families, and hope you get some great deals on gifts from your Christmas lists!

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