Well it's a start...

My first share-able kit is - well, was - finished and all zipped up, but I was told by wonderful Tiffany that I have a few stray pixels. It's a really easy thing to fix, but it won't be ready until the evening because unfortunately, I work late tomorrow. So I thought you guys would be able to see my first creation tonight, but I'd rather you have a quality kit a day later than have a kit before it's cleaned up and ready to be used. It's just because I care. :) So that should be up tomorrow night, barring anymore issues.

Today was different, to say the least. I worked 10-2, which is a shift I'm not used to working. Usually I work 11-2 or 10-1, I mean it's only an hour difference but that hour kinda screws with your head when you're used to a set schedule. My days off have changed this week so that's messing me up too. It doesn't help that Heath is normally gone for work by 3 or 4, but today he worked 6-1. It was weird having him leave for work, thinking he was almost 2 hours late. And it's kind of weird not having him be home by now. It left me with a pretty easy day though, because Isaac ran off to watch TV in the bedroom for most of the time. He had an accident and spilled a whole glass of apple juice on my bedroom carpet, but that was actually quite comical. He has a toy cup that has holes in the bottom of it, and he likes to pour and repour, like most kids probably do. You can just put the pieces together on that one. Poor kid apologized 15 times for it cause when I went in there I yelled at him. Then I realized how little of a thing it was in the grand scheme. I got him cleaned up then we played a bit. He's actually not feeling too good today, I think he's having problem with his allergies. :( So I fixed him supper around 8 and gave him medicine and he went right to sleep. At least it's not the flu again.

I need to get to work on some more CT layouts, usually I have all mine done by now. :) If I get anything done tonight you'll see them in my sidebar. Good night everyone! Promise to try to have that freebie out to you tomorrow night!

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