Short tonight

Tonight's blog entry will probably be very short. I'm sort of at a loss for words but feel the need to blog. I guess I could start out with a little bit of advertising.

Tiffany's 25% off sale ends tomorrow. You definitely need to go to her stores at K-Joi, DigiScrapStation, or Digital Paper Hearts and check out her new kit, Creating A Dream. This kit was inspired by the dream she has to one day become a Kindergarten teacher, and the fact that she's going through the schooling she needs to fulfill that dream. She's almost through all that schooling and I know that all of us, her CT, are so very proud of her, and I'm sure her family is so proud of her as well. I'm not sure that all of her stores are at 25% off, but I know that K-Joi is, so you definitely need to check her out there. There are also a ton of other designers there who are having sales. And once again, you NEED to sign up for the K-Joi newsletter before May 2nd, because there are a ton of NSD events planned for Sat, May 2nd. More about NSD in a moment...

Also, I just must advertise Katie at JustSoScrappy. Right now, on her blog, she has a freebie a day event going on. Her current freebie is a Tinkerbell brag book, which is made to fit the Abby Blackboard album by Cosmo Cricket. She is putting out one a day, and has just tonight put out day two. I've downloaded each one and they are fantastic! I'm a big fan of Tinkerbell - I collect Tinkerbell memorabilia, and when we start working on my scrapbook room on the front porch, my spot of the room will be Tinkerbell themed, with accents in teal and purple and a little pink. I have Tink shirts, a doll, a clock, just tons of stuff. She also has put out a kit and a set of quickpages. The kit is just CHOCK full of stuff. I just bought it tonight and it's great. And you will not believe the price. But I'm not going to tell you, because I want you to go to her blog to find out. She has a ton of kits there and they are all VERY reasonably priced, and chock full of wonderful, high-quality stuff. GO!!!

Up until today, I thought I would be here for most of the day on NSD, BUT...now I'm not so sure. My mom just told me today that she was thinking about going out of town an hour away to the scrapbook store there. Scrapbook store on NSD? Yeah. You know I can't resist that. I'm so very fortunate that I didn't offer to host a chat or anything for K-Joi, because I was thinking about it. I will still be able to make probably one of the chats, at 10am, because my mom has to work that day until about noon. So we will probably leave town around 12:30 or 1, unless she gets off early. It also kind of depends on whether my grandmother will have to reschedule her hair appt for that day too. It would be kind of nice to go. Even though I love K-Joi, I haven't gone out of town to the scrapbook store in quite a while, and I will have a rather large check that weekend...and it IS NSD.

I have to go, I have to get up early in the morning for work. We'll see about NSD when it gets closer. Have a good night!

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