So tired.

I have nothing for anyone today. I've been all designed out lol. I haven't even touched my PSP in a couple days. I haven't done any digital layouts either. I've been working a lot, and among doing other things, I've been focusing on my family and my paper scrapping.

First of all, I have life lesson #1 for all of you. Never ever take a two-year-old boy with a flaring temper who hasn't napped all day - fishing. Never ever. Even without a hook. It's a disaster. Tempers fly from both child and parents, and people who are trying to relax and fish give you dirty looks. Just never do it. The upside? I got a few good pictures. Note the few.

Today was a beautiful day so Isaac spent a good portion of the day outside. In fact, we just got in a little over an hour ago. I spent about an hour cleaning up the yard. We moved here to this house about 8 months ago, and it was just starting to become fall then. We had a lot of things going on, with me just starting a new job and Christmas and Isaac's birthday coming up. Therefore, we got all the leaves raked up months ago, but we never got outside to get them into lawn bags and get rid of them. So it snowed, and then it rained. And then it snowed some more. And then it rained some more. And we still hadn't gotten them cleaned up. Plus we had trash that blew in, some from us from stray trash bags, some from the previous owners, etc. So I got that cleaned up, gathered all the tumbleweeds up ('cause you know, this is Kansas....), and gathered all the things that need to be dumped in one spot so we can start hauling it off soon. Now I just need to have somebody come burn the leaves and tumbleweeds, and have Heath put together the lawn mower and teach me (yes, I don't know how to mow) and our yard will be alright. Not beautiful, still, but alright. Now just to work on the rest of the house lol.

I'm putting new photos up on Webshots in just a moment. Here is the link to that.

My Webshots

The fishing pictures and outdoors pictures from today are included in there. One is under Spring 2009 and the others will be under something related to fishing.

I have to go now. I want to do some more paper scrapping and I'm starving. Heath is supposed to be bringing pizza home and I hope he makes it soon. I'm so hungry after all that work outside lol. Have a good night!

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