IBDD QP 2 - Little Party Animal

Here's another QP for all of you...this one was made with Tiff's Little Party Animal, a collab with Heavenly Scraps. This QP does NOT include HS's part of the collab because I haven't gotten permission from her yet to do any QP's with her work. So here is what you guys get...I like the result!I didn't do a layout with it yet because I put it together just before I started the last Speed Scrap for CTAW...and I was almost late to that! But you guys can see the gist of what pictures will look like in it!

I probably won't have anything for you tomorrow, but I will try to have something in the next few days or so. Also, I should note for everybody - all my links expire in two weeks at ADrive, and I don't reshare them. If you see a freebie that you can't get because it's expired, I'll put my email address in the sidebar along with a reminder of the expiration. Email me and I'll be happy to reactivate it and send you the link.

Tonight, since CTAW is over and I'm all scrapped out (check out my Picasa slideshow in the sidebar - I've done at least a layout a day, maybe more!) I'm going to continue working on the Father's day kit. I have to work early in the morning too, so I probably won't get much done.

Hope you all have a good night and enjoy your free QP - and remember to please follow Tiff's TOU, which I have included with the zip. Good night!

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