I've come to a decision...

Boy, that title makes it sound so bad, or at the very least, important huh? lol It's not really. I've decided that I'm not going to do a Mother's Day kit this year. At least not yet. I've tried to work on it and I hate everything I come up with. I'm going to focus on a Father's Day kit for right now. I probably won't be putting out anything until at least the middle of June, I need to find out what works for me, hone my skills, and figure out what I like doing. Plus, my husband's birthday, our anniverysary, and Father's Day are all within a week and a half time frame, so it would be kind of a shame not to put something out then.

So how was everyone's Mother's Day? Mine was nothing special. I had to work and so did hubby so we didn't get a chance to do anything. Today we made up for it. After I got off work we went to get groceries, then came home and changed clothes and went to the mall. We got ice cream, did a little window shopping, Isaac rode the 50 cent rides, and we got our picture sketched at one of those little booth things. I just love those things - it makes for a good cheap family picture for the scrapbook lol. Then we went and we intended to rent a movie and a video game, but we ended up accidentally buying the movie and renting the video game! Don't ask how it happened because we don't even know. We got "What Happens In Vegas" so we'll see how it turns out. Not really a fan of Cameron Diaz or Ashton Kutcher, but I can't say that I hate them either. We'll see. Oh and we're making pizza and popcorn too. It's been a really long time since we've done anything like this so it should be interesting.

Pizza's almost done and I haven't even opened my PSP to scrapbook like hubby wanted me to, so I'm going to cut this off. Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day!

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