First, some bad news...

Okay well, I lost my creative spark for a bit. Therefore, I have pretty much nothing done on the Mother's Day kit. So it won't be coming out tonight or even tomorrow. Unless a miracle happens. However, I will be working on it sometime tomorrow and into the next week, so it shouldn't take any longer than that.

Some good news, at least for me...my house is clean! lol It was a disaster. I'm embarassed. Horribly. But it's clean now. I'll be working on laundry and the front porch tomorrow - it needs a good cleaning, since the dog gets out there and finds trash and tears it up, and since we use it mostly for storage right now - and probably work on the yard too. I'm going to see if my dad will come over and help me move some things, bring me a gas can with gasoline and help me get the yard mowed and get the "weed-whacker" (as my grandma calls it lol) and take care of the growth by our fence. Ugh! Talk about a full day.

And like I said, my house was horrible, so cleaning it was no easy task. But I did manage to get it all done in about 2.5 hours. Yes, 2.5 hours. Just call me WonderWoman :D . Anyway, to reward myself I'm going to do some paper scrapping like I've been wanting to do for days now. I just have to finish eating and then go outside and move the sprinkler so I don't soak my front yard lol. Which I'd better do now. If I can't paper scrap then I will be digi scrapping so look out for some layouts possibly. Have a good night everyone!

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