New kit and NSD activities

So how did everyone enjoy their NSD? I personally loved every minute of it (except for the parts where I had to go to work lol). Friday night I participated in 2 speed scraps, both back-to-back. That was interesting! I was still working on one when the other started so I didn't get to start on my second layout until I finished the first one! But I managed to finish them both in time. And Tiffany was a wonderful co-host. It was so much fun.

Speaking of Tiffany, did anybody pick up any of her CU items for sale this weekend? Aren't they fabulous?

Then Saturday me and my mother went to the scrapbook store an hour away for a day trip. That was so much fun. We picked up some great things. Target had way too much new stuff that I didn't have. I spent almost as much there as I did the scrapbook store lol! We ate lunch at Arby's and went shopping. It was just great to get away for a day, from work and being stuck in the house. Even though I did miss some great NSD activities at K-Joi and Inspiration Lane, but it's okay, it was worth it!

I've started working on a new kit, one for Mother's Day, with a much different color scheme. Did anyone notice that the NSD kit looked eerily similar to the Easter kit? I did. So I decided to change it up. I'm working on making this one a little more usable for scrapping all those photos of mother. It's going well, I just have to redo some of the elements I've done so far...they just need that something else.

Well I'm going to go work on that while the kidlet is asleep for the afternoon.

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  1. I can't wait to see the mother's day kit. :) I had a great NSD although I spent wayyyy too much money lol.