Remember how I told you all about CT Appreciation Week? Well, I'm having a blast! There's a speed scrap every day (of which tonight was my first, because of work and all that) and really fun challenges. You'll see all my new layouts if you click on the images underneath "layouts" in the sidebar. Some are made with the CTAW Kit, My CT Rocks! And this kit ROCKS! It is huge and it is very expensive, but we got it for free for all the hard work we do. I don't consider it hard work - it's a blast!

Also, I wanted to tell everyone that my cat, Calico, just had her first litter of kittens! (And probably her last!) They are so adorable! Will post pictures when I get my printer to accept my SD card!

That's all for tonight, off to try to do some paper scrapping. I will try to have a freebie for you all tomorrow night. Good night!

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