No freebies today...

No freebies today for you guys. I am working on it though. I take considerably longer to make things than most designers I know. Tiffany can whip out a kit in like 2-3 days flat - I take 1-2 weeks...and that's if I'm in a hurry. :D

I wanted to let you guys know that it's time for a makeover. I've already made over my preview style and found something I like (for now, that is lol) so it's time to makeover my blog and make some blinkies to advertise myself and my blog. I'm starting to get really serious about this designing thing...starting to purchase programs I should have purchased ages ago. I'm wanting to improve my skills, get into a shop within a year or two, and get a fanbase. If anybody has any suggestions, email me (find my email in the sidebar) and I will take them into consideration! So I wanted to let you know that the blog may be a mess while I get things in order - if it takes me 2 weeks or more to make a kit, imagine how long it will take me to makeover my blog. :D

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  1. I am the slowest designer on earth! not only am I a slow designer. I am even slower at getting it all zipped up! I am so envious of those speedy designers! :)