I told you...

...that I would have something in store for you!

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday only, instead of enjoying my products for 25% off, enjoy them for 50% off!! At these prices, this means you can grab my 4th of July themed kit, Red, White, and Blue, for only $1.75!! You can also pick up Daditude, The Bundle while you're there for only $2.50, as well as Love By The Lakeside for only $2.50. You can pick up the word art to match Love By The Lakeside for only $.50, as well as some of the seperate items to Daditude if you'd rather buy seperately. Some of my other products are only $1.00 and less, so go check it out!

I shouldn't have any more news until later this weekend, so I hope everyone has a fantastic Fourth!!!

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