IBDD's New Products - Saturday at IL!

Hello everyone! I'm just stopping by to let you all know that if you're a fan of Tiffany from InspiredbyDominic Designs that she will have some new products being released at Inspiration-Lane on Saturday. You should definitely go check them out. These new products are SO fun, and SO perfect for summer. I just love them. You can only get them at IL.

Here are some layouts I created with her new products (and also her freebie that was put out in the IL newsletter - if you're not already, go sign up - more about this in a minute):

Now, onto that newsletter...the designers at IL are having a contest to see who can pimp out the IL newsletter the hardest. Now I'm positive that Tiffany is the best P-I-M-P-er (lol) because I know her, but right now she's heavily outweighed. SO...if you go over to IL and sign up for their newsletter (again, right here), could you please go ahead and sign up for the forum as well, and then go post in this thread saying that Tiffany from InspiredbyDominic Designs referred you to the newsletter? She can win some really cool stuff to help her design, so if you'd like to see more of her designs, help pimp her out!

And...I shouldn't forget to mention this! Tiffany now has a newsletter! Her first edition of the newsletter will be coming out this weekend, and she's showed me the goodies she's planning on packing into it...you'll definitely want to go sign up! She has lots planned for it so head on over to her blog to check it out and sign up!

That's all from me tonight! Very tired and having toddler sleeping problems right now, but I just wanted to let you guys know about Tiff's new products, because you'll definitely want to pick them up. Night night!

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