Nothing new from me :(

I feel like, honestly, the worst designer ever. Not only have I neglected my blog, but I've also neglected my designs. The worst part of it is...I've been working non-stop! I really have. I guess the fact of it is, I got involved in way too much stuff, like blog trains and that kind of thing, that I haven't had the time to take care of what I needed to take care of. I was planning on releasing a new kit today, but it didn't work out like that and I'm not finished with it. I hope to have it released by Monday or Tuesday. Tuesday at the latest (I hope)...after that, I have to work on some more blog train stuff and a commitment for a collab, but I will try to take breaks in between to work on some new stuff. This stuff I got involved in is good for me though...it's good for my advertising and getting my name out there, so hopefully everyone will understand.

The good news is, I have some huge things planned. The changes will start to take effect come August 1st. Some will be here on my blog....some will be behind the scenes but still noticeable. Hopefully the changes will leave me a little more time to create new stuff. Now, some of the changes won't take effect August 1st. Maybe more like September. But hopefully they will up the ante and bring a little more traffic here and get my name out there.

So look for some exciting things to come August 1st! :)

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