My apologies...

If any of you stopped by today and saw that horrific background image, I sincerely apologize. When I changed the blog I discovered a website called ImageShack where you could host images, just like Photobucket, but it was more capable to handle larger images. So I hosted my blog background there, but that was all. But I did bookmark it for the future.

I logged onto DST just a few moments ago, after getting back from going to town with my mom and grabbing a bite to eat, and I read about some people having problems with anti-sec images showing up instead of the images they uploaded. Come check my blog, and guess what...I'm affected too. I'm steaming and intend to write a heavily-worded email to ImageShack, because this affects business - that is, when I can get their customer service pages to LOAD. *fuming*

Regardless, I hope none of you were offended by this at all. That was NEVER the image I uploaded, nor did I ever INTEND to upload anything like that, and thankfully it was only one image - unfortunately it was a very large and highly readable image, and probably lost me a few potential customers. Please accept my sincerest apologies for this.

Lesson learned here? NEVER use an image-hosting website that you don't trust. NEVER.

And remember, Tiffany will have new product out in IL stores tomorrow. Read post below for details. Didn't want that to get shadowed out of this.

I'm so very sorry, again. :(

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