Taking a break...

Hey everyone.

I know you haven't heard from me in a few days. I've been thinking a lot.

I've decided to take a break from designing. Not permanently. I think I've really been pushing myself to do way too much. I've taken on a lot of responsibilities this month, so after those get out of the way and things die down a bit, I'll come back. I'm also going to take this time to do a bit more learning, so that when I do come back, I'll hopefully be able to give you more of what I know I'm capable of. :)

I should mention, what brought all this on. I've rediscovered an old hobby of mine, from way back in high school. I'm doing a little bit of writing. It won't be published here, or at all in fact. It's not publish material. It's just a fun sort of thing. Just another hobby of mine, that my husband has encouraged me to start up again.

I will continue designing during that time, though. I have signed up for a couple of blog trains, one of which will come out in the next few days so watch for that. Another will be coming in September. Scraps With A Mouse will be having their grand opening coming in late August so I will be participating in that, and we are ironing out the details for that currently. We are ironing out the details of a speed scrap that I will be hosting during that time, so I will make sure to post when more details come out about that. Also, if you're a fan of my designs, you will want to check back on August 1st, because I will have a surprise.

I really am sorry for not having put anything new out lately. I just can't seem to get into anything. I do, however, have a mini kit almost completed, so when I come back hopefully I'll have that ready to come out. And as I said, I'll still be putting a couple of free things out during August. I should be ready to come back by, at the very least, September 1st, if not sooner. It all depends on how much my mojo starts liking me. So check back for all the new things coming this month, and when I come back in September I'll have some new things for you all as well. :)


Nothing new from me :(

I feel like, honestly, the worst designer ever. Not only have I neglected my blog, but I've also neglected my designs. The worst part of it is...I've been working non-stop! I really have. I guess the fact of it is, I got involved in way too much stuff, like blog trains and that kind of thing, that I haven't had the time to take care of what I needed to take care of. I was planning on releasing a new kit today, but it didn't work out like that and I'm not finished with it. I hope to have it released by Monday or Tuesday. Tuesday at the latest (I hope)...after that, I have to work on some more blog train stuff and a commitment for a collab, but I will try to take breaks in between to work on some new stuff. This stuff I got involved in is good for me though...it's good for my advertising and getting my name out there, so hopefully everyone will understand.

The good news is, I have some huge things planned. The changes will start to take effect come August 1st. Some will be here on my blog....some will be behind the scenes but still noticeable. Hopefully the changes will leave me a little more time to create new stuff. Now, some of the changes won't take effect August 1st. Maybe more like September. But hopefully they will up the ante and bring a little more traffic here and get my name out there.

So look for some exciting things to come August 1st! :)


Girls Vs Boys QP Freebie!

I didn't realize it had been so long since I'd updated my blog. I've been working hard on some new stuff for August. No new kits in the works yet, but I do have plans to start something in the next few days. My life is so unorganized right now lol.

This will be a short post, but I have a freebie for you today. This is a quickpage I just whipped up an hour or so ago using some of the elements from Girls Vs. Boys. There is one quickpage in both .psd and .png formats, with lots of room for a title or journaling, and lots of white space. Hope you guys enjoy it. If you make a layout with it, I'd love to see it. There just might be a surprise for you if you do! ;)

Here's the link to the quickpage, and the preview:

I revamped my preview style - do you all like it? I LOVE it.

Anyway, like I said, there's your freebie, I'd love to see what you guys do with it, if you'd like to send me any pictures of layouts you've done, you can email me. My info is in the sidebar of the blog, please copy and paste my email into your email program because some of the characters are different from the norm. :)

Quick blog post but hope you guys like the freebie. I'll have a bunch of things running in August like a new blog train, and I hope to be able to start some challenges and put out more freebies. Soon I'm also going to start putting coupons into my freebies! Gotta run now, I hope to get out into the fresh air today instead of sitting at the computer all day!


New store! And a sale!

That's right! I'm now selling at Scraps With A Mouse in addition to K-Joi Studios! I just loaded some of my products into the shop and officially opened it, so I'm having a sale. You can grab Love By The Lakeside the full kit and the matching word art for 25% off, and you can grab Girls Vs. Boys there (as well as K-Joi Studios if you prefer) for 40% off for the rest of July!

Image is linked directly to my store front. Not all my products are up in the Scraps With A Mouse store. You will only be able to get Daditude and Red White and Blue at K-Joi Studios. However I will be working on some new products soon, so keep checking back.

While you're there check out the forum and all the goodies at the blog. There are several freebies posted by other designers at the Scraps With A Mouse blog. Scraps With A Mouse isn't officially opened yet, so keep checking back for details on the Grand Opening celebration that we're sure to be having! :D


My apologies...

If any of you stopped by today and saw that horrific background image, I sincerely apologize. When I changed the blog I discovered a website called ImageShack where you could host images, just like Photobucket, but it was more capable to handle larger images. So I hosted my blog background there, but that was all. But I did bookmark it for the future.

I logged onto DST just a few moments ago, after getting back from going to town with my mom and grabbing a bite to eat, and I read about some people having problems with anti-sec images showing up instead of the images they uploaded. Come check my blog, and guess what...I'm affected too. I'm steaming and intend to write a heavily-worded email to ImageShack, because this affects business - that is, when I can get their customer service pages to LOAD. *fuming*

Regardless, I hope none of you were offended by this at all. That was NEVER the image I uploaded, nor did I ever INTEND to upload anything like that, and thankfully it was only one image - unfortunately it was a very large and highly readable image, and probably lost me a few potential customers. Please accept my sincerest apologies for this.

Lesson learned here? NEVER use an image-hosting website that you don't trust. NEVER.

And remember, Tiffany will have new product out in IL stores tomorrow. Read post below for details. Didn't want that to get shadowed out of this.

I'm so very sorry, again. :(

IBDD's New Products - Saturday at IL!

Hello everyone! I'm just stopping by to let you all know that if you're a fan of Tiffany from InspiredbyDominic Designs that she will have some new products being released at Inspiration-Lane on Saturday. You should definitely go check them out. These new products are SO fun, and SO perfect for summer. I just love them. You can only get them at IL.

Here are some layouts I created with her new products (and also her freebie that was put out in the IL newsletter - if you're not already, go sign up - more about this in a minute):

Now, onto that newsletter...the designers at IL are having a contest to see who can pimp out the IL newsletter the hardest. Now I'm positive that Tiffany is the best P-I-M-P-er (lol) because I know her, but right now she's heavily outweighed. SO...if you go over to IL and sign up for their newsletter (again, right here), could you please go ahead and sign up for the forum as well, and then go post in this thread saying that Tiffany from InspiredbyDominic Designs referred you to the newsletter? She can win some really cool stuff to help her design, so if you'd like to see more of her designs, help pimp her out!

And...I shouldn't forget to mention this! Tiffany now has a newsletter! Her first edition of the newsletter will be coming out this weekend, and she's showed me the goodies she's planning on packing into it...you'll definitely want to go sign up! She has lots planned for it so head on over to her blog to check it out and sign up!

That's all from me tonight! Very tired and having toddler sleeping problems right now, but I just wanted to let you guys know about Tiff's new products, because you'll definitely want to pick them up. Night night!


New Release!

Hello everyone! I just wanted to let everyone know that I've released a new kit in my K-Joi store. I don't know if anyone who reads my blog remembers my first entry to the Next Best Thing contest, but I've taken that and made it into a full-sized kit. I couldn't stop myself with this kit and it ended up being pretty large. It has 14 Papers, 55 Elements, and 2 Full Alphas (pink and orange, with uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and some punctuation and symbols)!

And for the month of July I've made it 40% off in my K-Joi store. Please go check it out!

Maybe in the next couple of days I'll have a freebie done and ready with the kit. Here's a layout I made with the kit. This is Isaac and Heath a week or so ago at the park, having a great old time.

Also, if anybody has made any layouts or projects with any of my kits, I'd love to feature them on my blog. You can shoot me an email at lilplayb0ybunny69@hotmail.com if you have, and I'll feature them in my next blog post!

Here are a couple of layouts that a couple of the wonderful CT members at K-Joi Studios have made with my kits:

Layout by Frumpje @ K-Joi Studios using Daditude - The Bundle

A Wonderful Bookmark by Frumpje @ K-Joi Studios using Daditude - The Bundle

Another wonderful layout by Supersuzi @ K-Joi Studios using Love By the Lakeside - The Kit

These ladies have done such a wonderful job and the images are linked to their project in their gallery so please go leave them some love, they have done such an amazing job with my kits!

I'll be working on the header for the blog tonight, and maybe some other things too. I'll also probably be planning my next kit! :)


New layout for blog

So does everyone like the new layout for the blog? I know it looks a little plain, I'm still working on it. But I got so incredibly worn out on designing and doing things for my blog (I haven't done anything but that for at least a week or more) that I decided I needed to do a little scrapping to take a break. So I'm gonna do a couple days of scrapping till I get my design mojo going again, lol! So when I get back to doing some stuff I'll work on it a little more.

I'm working on the challenges over at K-Joi and then when I get done with some of those I'm going to move over to some of the other sites. I still have to do my layout for the sketch challenge over at K-Joi, but I don't feel like doing it right now. I've been doing lots of 4th of July layouts lately, started with last year's and now I've moved on to this years. We got some GREAT pictures this weekend. Isaac was very good and cooperative at the BBQ (which was a lot of fun), and loved to ham it up for the camera. He just loved "popping" his "fireworks" (which were nothing but smoke bombs and those little things you throw on the ground, cause I wanted him to be able to get close without getting hurt)...but he didn't know any better, and he was scared of the bigger fireworks anyway so he had fun. He actually held a sparkler this year, and we got pictures of that, so you'll see some layouts with that soon. I'm loving working on these 4th layouts, it's just so much fun working with the colors!

My TMJ is acting up tonight so I'm cutting this short. I'll try to get back into the mojo soon. I'm about to release a new kit, it's a redesign of one of the first kits in the Next Best Thing contest (which I didn't make it, but I'll have a much better surprise coming soon anyway, so it's okay!), so I will probably try to make a quickpage or two out of it. I'll also probably have a sale on it for the first few days, so I hope you will want to snatch it up at the reduced price!

Alright everyone, good night! I'll let you know when the new kit is out!


Just a note...

I'm changing my blog again, but it will be tonight, so if things look a little funny, you'll know why. I think you will like the new look - I know I do :)

I will be back with a new blog post tonight :)


I told you...

...that I would have something in store for you!

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday only, instead of enjoying my products for 25% off, enjoy them for 50% off!! At these prices, this means you can grab my 4th of July themed kit, Red, White, and Blue, for only $1.75!! You can also pick up Daditude, The Bundle while you're there for only $2.50, as well as Love By The Lakeside for only $2.50. You can pick up the word art to match Love By The Lakeside for only $.50, as well as some of the seperate items to Daditude if you'd rather buy seperately. Some of my other products are only $1.00 and less, so go check it out!

I shouldn't have any more news until later this weekend, so I hope everyone has a fantastic Fourth!!!


Week 4 Kit Is Up!

Just wanted to let everyone know that my week 4, the final week of the Next Best Thing, entry is up for download. You can go here to snag my kit plus everyone else's. You will have to sign up in order to get the kits.

For this week's entry, I used a ton of items by Tiffany, including some new, not-yet-released products. The fruits (and the glass as well) will be a set of templates and doodles in a future grab bag, and I also used an overlay from her current July grab bag. I also used some overlays by Spinky Dink Scraps, which you can get at Scrapable.net.

We rearranged our living room this week...oh what a chore! We moved everything around including the TV stand, couch, chair, scrapbook desk, and computer desk. I'm so tired, and I still have more left to do. Fortunately, our house is very clean now, and all I have left to do is keep it clean, and get laundry done. (Our laundry was so piled up!) Now if I didn't have to follow Isaac around with a broom and dust pan in order to keep things tidy, life would be great. I plan on taking some pictures once everything's looking spiffy again, and maybe doing a layout. I have a great kit and a perfect title and stuff for it. That will have to come later though.

I might get some scrapping done tonight or tomorrow, since my last entry for NBT is done and the contest ends Saturday. What an experience! It was fun, but I'm so glad it's over. I can't even imagine how the participants of SYTYCD felt!

I also have to start working on some designs for t-shirts for a member over at K-Joi Studios, I'm making some designs she can print on t-shirts to let babysitters, etc. know that her son is allergic to peanuts. Probably start working on some of those tonight in between loads of laundry.

Remember, my sale is still going on over at K-Joi Studios, 25% off all my products (except the Summer Garden glitter styles) until July 5th. I might have a surprise in store for all of you later, so keep my sale in mind!


Hop aboard the Blog Train!

Okay all...I completely forgot about the blog train until a few minutes ago. I had the post scheduled so Blogger put it up, but I forgot to put the links in and stuff. I do apologize for that. I'm SOOO sorry. This is my first blog train, so I'm not used to it.

This is the ADSD July blog train, and it's called Summer Garden. It's filled with beautiful pinks and greens and themed off lazy days in the summer, with kids playing, gardening, bugs, flowers, etc. (My favorite parts of summer - except the bugs - and well, add in the pool and I'm good! lol!)

Here is my portion:

It includes 5 papers, 2 ribbons, 2 different flowers (one with center, one without), 2 frames, and 2 flair buttons. I also have an add-on, but I will tell you more about that later.

The link to get the kit is right here.

And to get the other parts of the kit, you can go here, to the ADSD Blog Hub.They have fixed the ad issue so there will be no more ads. This is a huge train so go and pick it up!

Now, onto my add-on. I've created some glitters to go with the Summer Garden blog train. I'm offering them in my store. These glitters are for commercial use! But, for the month of July, since they go so well with the Summer Garden blog train, I'm offering them for the bargain price of $1.00!!!! CU Glitters, for a $1? That's a pretty good deal.

After July, these will go up to full price, so snag them while you can! I just got them put up in the shop, so go check them out.

Once again, I'm so sorry for forgetting about this. Next time I do a blog train I'll try much harder!

Also, I made it to the finals of The Next Best Thing, and I'm finishing up my mini kit tonight and tomorrow, so I'll post when I get that done.